What’s In Your Wallet?

I’ve long had this idea of pilfering through the possessions of a recently shrunken person​ and taking whatever I want from their home as they watch helplessly. I don’t take much, and it’s not about stealing valuables. It’s about showing them what I’ve done to them, and taking reminders of what they used to be, and installing them in their new home.

That new home is always a house inside my house, a tiny dollhouse.

The same feeling carries through the notion of shrinking a man down to a very small size and taking ownership of said man. Sometimes I picture leaving behind everything they drop on the floor, but other times it’s just too much fun to imagine what I’d say to him as I pick through his wallet and keep what I want.

Like this…

And here’s the original at Pixton.com.

12 thoughts on “What’s In Your Wallet?

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      1. Just get his passwords from HIM…. Then you can learn all you want about him including all those things that he would have preferred to be private. What better way to have complete ownership of him than to own him not just physically, but also emotionally as he must come to completely trust you and submit to you now that you know his innermost self.

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        1. I’ve always liked the idea of forcing a little man to reveal such information. Looking at it pragmatically, I won’t be able to use any of the information he provides, as anyone looking for him will check his accounts to see last login info if they have half a brain.

          My penchant for interrogation is real, and I only ask questions for the sheer pleasure of having them answered… so I might write down those passwords on a piece of paper, and then shred it. :)

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          1. In some of my fevered vignettes I’ve imagined competing co-workers… he has as edge… an inside track at work… so She shrinks/captures him a) just because… She wants to have ultimate power over him forever and ever… and b) so She can tease/coerce/interrogate the info and techniques he knows that will give Her the edge at work.

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            1. That’s rather devious! Kinda like… professional vampirism. I’ve imagined co-worker scenarios where he emerges at the forefront of her attention because he’s so very clever, far more so than his normal-sized colleagues.

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  1. This is savagely sweet. The cadence of the writing truly evokes your voice, which I have never heard except as a resonance of your philosophy. It’s like being inducted into the military or the clergy. These are your new and only devotions. Eventually he’ll come to appreciate that no one–not his parents, no one–ever anticipated all his needs and concerns with as much diligence or patience. Then he will find grace.

    Or not.

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    1. Thank you, Olo.

      One of these days I’ll write my Book of Rules, which I imagine is my bible. I’m not sure if it’s more fun to write it from the perspective of the owner of a shrunken man, or the viewpoint of a giantess.

      May he find grace. Or not. I’d like to think being adored with such force must influence the outcome of such a relationship. Let’s go with “yes,” because there’s no way to disprove the affirmative.

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