My ButtyJuly17 Story: Assed


Do you remember back when life was wonderful, and I entered that Size Riot contest that was centered around butt stories? Writers turned in fifteen stories for ButtyJuly17, and that was the best July there ever was. I wrote two stories I never posted anywhere, and after more than a year later, I suppose I better get around to it.

Why did I want to write about posteriors? I’m not a fan of the female one. I’m not opposed to it either… it just doesn’t do anything for me. But I do have one, and my relationship with it hasn’t always been easy. From the moment I started developing curves, it caused me nothing but sorrow and frustration because of its shape. It was only after my teenage—and some adult—years that I came to appreciate its power.

Writing stories about butts was a way to celebrate that realization. Also, a few size buddies of mine are obsessed with that body part, so I didn’t encounter much opposition when I offered up the idea to Aborigen, the owner and organizer of these writing contests. Alright, I aint’t got nothing else to say. Here’s the link to the story:


4 thoughts on “My ButtyJuly17 Story: Assed

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  1. You and your butts, Undersquid.

    You never did punish those of us who voted to deny you your ButtyJuly 2018. Mercy? Forgetfulness? Or did you get lost looking for us and go home?

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    1. Hey, they are not all mine! :D

      There will be no mercy, and I forget nothing. ALL WILL BE PUNISHED.

      Just as soon as I finish some writing projects, and get some other size things started.

      Maybe I’ll just wait until I break a nail. Punching through buildings wreaks havoc on a manicure.


  2. Longer than usual? He’s been injured before! Wow. Really enjoyed, feel the trip to the ER could be a story on it’s own. I think you’ve captured the male mind and our preoccupation with that part of the body. One of the true pleasures of this life is the sight and feel of…the perfect one. So, risking his life to do this makes perfect sense. Hell, I would too.

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    1. Thank you for this comment, meremention. There’s a genderless preoccupation with certain body parts, but whatever that is, I remember a large focus of my interest when I wrote this story was to portray the dedication a tiny man would have to feel to be motivated enough to learn the location of his beloved owner’s circulatory assailants.

      She tried to teach him. She knew that at his size, any part of her becomes a dangerous contender. I can’t easily describe how many stories I could write about that!

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