Wriggle Room


I’m having a bad day

I’m having a bad week

The entire month is bad

This is why I shrank you

And bound you to my panties

I’ve kept you there for months

Stitched thread around your ankles and wrists

Tight loops that kept you firmly in place

Today I’ll allow you more freedom

Wriggle room

I’m telling you now so you understand

I’m in a very bad mood

And I’m going to take it out on you

Try anything and I’ll cross my legs

No more threads 

Only fabric and skin, and you in between

Starting now

Wriggle once for yes, twice for no

More for me

Do anything that angers me and I’ll cross my legs

No more wriggle room then

Just walls smashing down on you

And you, unable to breathe, scream, think, live

Until I unfold my thighs

You won’t say a word

Or try to squirm your way to the hem of my panties

Writhe to the left, but then you must to the right

Twitch up, but then you will twitch down

Worm your way in any one direction for too long

And I’ll crash my thighs with you in between

I’ll cross my legs while having a casual conversation

And you’ll hear the muffled thunder of my voice

And the thumping beat of my blood

Punching at your damp body

You won’t ask me for anything

I’ll ask you all the questions

Wriggle once for yes, twice for no

I’ll give you all the orders

Wriggle harder then

Today is a bad day

And you’re here for me

When I cross my legs

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