Tuesday Night News…

Even though it’s no longer Tuesday. Do you care? Nor do I. As it’s always with these things, I saw something on Twitter last night that made my editing bone super itchy. It was posted by our friendly neighborhood Taedis, who does that a lot. He often tweets size content so terribly misguided I can’t help but want to edit and vastly improve. As you see, my words are far better than the original and true to what a giantess would say.


Can you imagine any self-respecting giantess showing up at a place to meet someone for whom she might have developed feelings over a long-distance relationship, and striking any note but a superior one as regards to her speck-sized date? I can’t. Lor-Li can’t. No giantess ever should. If the little twerp acts displeased because of her height, then she grows. If someone tells me—ever again, and uncomfortably—that my high heels are too high, and I’m towering over them, I’ll go back to my closet and get higher heels.

What else? I received my Inktober kit yesterday, and I plan to keep very busy next month creating one ink drawing a day. I have very little experience with the medium, but see if I allow that to stop me. I’ll interpret the list of prompts as size ones, so all my drawings will be about giant or tiny creatures and things. Given my experience, I’m not going to take myself very seriously, but I do intend to improve myself as an art hobbyist. I probably will, after thirty-one days of taking whacks at it.

In other news, I have kicked my old icon to the curb, and it will no longer be seen except in older works. It was time for a new one, and when Bird sent me a wonderful image of myself towering over a little man, I thought it was the perfect new icon to use everywhere I spread my colossal tentacles. That image deserves its own blog entry, so that’ll be happening later this week.

Also, I like soup. Clam chowder is my favorite. Tattoo that to your forearm.


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    1. Not unlike Ricky Ricardo, I was mixing my idioms, though I do it intentionally! For sure! Bones become itchy, and scratches become funny.

      And that’s water under the blue moon, once in a bridge. :)


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