Design my next Converse shoes!


A few months ago some of you helped me choose my next pair of Chucks (the Tweeter poll is only visible to those that follow me). I’ve been their happy owner for a while now, but not unlike a wandering giantess, I’m ready for a new pair… though this time I want Chucks that have the word “giantess” embroidered on them. That is entirely possible, given that the Converse website offers full customization.

That’s where you come in: I want you to design my next pair of Converse shoes. At the following link, you can use the customizer and pick hi or low tops, and any color Chucks. I don’t want the Jack Purcell or One Star designs. Just Chucks. Be sure to include the word “giantess” as the text option (it was initially the only mandatory option, but y’all don’t listen and are adding all kinds of different text :)). Once you are done, share the link to your design as a comment here, via email, or whatever method of communication you prefer.

Depending on how many designs I receive, I will then make my purchase, or offer them up in a poll once again. I look forward to seeing what fun combinations you pick! All the outer body, lining, tongue, stitching, sole color possibilities? Who knows… I might even wear my new pair in my next collage. Have fun until the end of the month, because that’s how long you have to create your design and send it to me for perusal and approval.

[Edit] It’s now October 1st, and no one but Aborigen and Bird had fun designing my new pair of Converse. Bird’s pattern of tentacles is quite fitting, and I’ll have to save up to commission someone with talent to paint a pair of shoes for me or dare to do it myself. In the meantime, I’ll be wearing my newest pair of custom Converse.


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    1. That’s an excellent idea! I don’t have the guts to do that, but “giantess”… I can pass for somewhat nondescript. Please post your shoes online when you get them. Your fans would get a kick out of that!


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