Just dance!

This comic is because I love to dance.

When I shrink my little man, he’ll have to dance with me.

He’ll learn to love it.

Link to the Pixton comic.

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        1. I figured that out when I didn’t find an extra comma. :D

          I have a literal brain. It’s the reason why, when I’m told a joke, I invariably ask, “And then what happened?” Or when people tell me “you” as in anyone at all, I’ve gotten mad because I think they are talking about me.

          So I was all OH NO, EXTRA COMMA.


  1. I loved this. I appreciate the range of characters you will play with. I wonder if you’d ever shrink and kidnap someone in a wheelchair, and if you’d provide them scaled devices and facilities, and how that would alter your demands for their performance. And what would happen when you’d captured a handsome little guy with great legs, and it turned out he’s gay? What in the world would you do with him then?

    Anyway, the most unbelievable aspect to this whole fantasy is that the little person is not thrilled to death to be there. I see him resisting and it just takes me right out of the story. I’m like, “What could be his motivation? Hasn’t the ultimate dream of the highest heaven been thrust upon him? Does he also hate downtempo and candy?” It’s just a kind of spec fiction that really stretches my credulity.

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    1. Thank you! I’m happy you loved it. The range of characters I’ll play with has no known limitation at present, none that I have imagined anyway. Would I shrink someone in a wheelchair? It all depends on who that person is. If he fits the bill, then yes. I might not make him dance with his legs, but people on wheelchairs can still move about in a dance-like fashion.

      If I ever have the power to shrink someone, it will never be a complete stranger about whom I have zero knowledge. I have to know that there is something in him that will keep me interested. Is he clever? Is he kind? Is he mentally strong? Is he affectionate? Interested in things? Energetic? Does he know how to say a kind word to anyone? Is he capable of love? Stuff like that.

      Why is it unbelievable that the little person is not thrilled to be there? I have no doubt that when I shrink someone, that person will not want to be here with me. Being shrunk will be the most terrifying experience of their lives, and it’s only followed by the despair of not ever seeing their loved ones again, or their pets, or their friends or job.

      But aside from that, I like the resistance. I like a strong character that rebels every once in a while. Not always, because constant rebellion is as boring as constant acquiescence. The little guy in the comic is freshly shrunk. He’s still adjusting, and the idea of dancing with a building-sized woman is quite alarming. I’m sorry his resistance takes you right out of the story, but it puts me right in it. I want to see the effect of my size in his eyes. I want his body to tremble and his brain to catalog everything that could go wrong before I force him to see what does go right.

      But that’s just the story I tell myself, and why I create these comics with characters that shake their fist and scream and rail. In my head, and in the end, they can’t help but fall in love with their tiny life. That’s the beauty of the fiction in my head. Reality is much stranger. I don’t like candy. :O

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      1. I’m fascinated by the role someone’s suitability to be shrunk plays in your enjoyment. I’m sure you would never subject anyone you know in real life to such an evaluation.

        At Undersquid’s School of Shrinkcraft and Giantessery, all new students must take their turn under the Sizing Hat, which plumbs their subconscious and determines whether they should be expanded into giants or compressed into tinies.

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        1. Olo, the instant shrinking becomes possible, I will indeed subject someone in real life to such an evaluation. There’s nothing for it.

          Or get the Sizing Hat. That’s probably an easier item to find than a shrinking ray. It’s likely included with the School of Shrinkcraft and Giantessery building kit!


      2. Ah, that’s why it wouldn’t work. I’d be thrilled, I’d be happy. I wouldn’t fight or complain or be scared. That’s something I can’t provide. I would sing your praises, not shriek in terror. That is where I fail.

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        1. I wonder, though. I really do. Maybe I’m projecting…? Because I know I would be terrified and sick if I found myself shrunken, so I think you must too. I know my conclusion is fallacious, even though I keep thinking how it would be possible that your change would be free of apprehension…

          Maybe you wouldn’t fight or complain or be scared, and you’d fail miserably at the screaming thing, but you are clever, creative, artistic, kind, generous, physically and mentally affectionate, strong-minded, and a wonderful friend. Any giantess would be fortunate to call you hers!

          And then you’ll be forced to enroll in my School of Shrinkcraft and Giantessery, where you’ll attend Shriekdom and Squeak Projection 101, and learn to squeal like a pro. :D

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          1. I wonder if you wouldn’t come around to being a tiny woman in the possession of an endlessly doting and protective man. No dicey situations, no unreasonable demands, just “are you okay?”, “can I get you anything?”, and “I’m so sorry, there’s nothing to be done, but I can hug you and put ‘Terriers’ on. It was a vastly underrated show that came out at the wrong time.” I know everything would be terrifying, but oh my gods, I would do my best to make sure you were otherwise comfortable. Even with all that, would it really be so bad? Would you be so preoccupied with your loss of agency and absolute submission to an incontrovertibly larger entity? Would it never be pleasant?

            I would be a charming little man for other giantesses, doubtlessly. I would be endlessly giving, delighting in curling up in an ear to tells stories or sing songs, and I would have a rapacious appetite for exploring the erotic delicacies of my owner and provoking these in new and unexpected ways, every night to the end of my years. Unfortunately, I could never pretend to be terrified or resentful, I would never mourn the “loss” of my worldly trappings, and that is where I would disappoint you.

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            1. I once thought about it and decided I’d still be the boss in that relationship, no matter my runtiness. That was many years ago when I’d just started exploring the internets. Now the idea causes me physical pain (abdominal distress), and it upsets me. I’m very alpha in my real life, and not just in my fantasies, and my brain dictates that I see myself as a giant when compared to my real environment (I have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome), so being hurled into a situation of being tiny would probably depress me terribly. For a time.

              A kind caregiver would make a world of difference, and I would eventually emerge from my emotional turmoil, and turn into the world’s first two-inch tall despot. Like that emperor with new clothes, I’ll tacitly demand no one notice how small I am and instead observe my “great height”. I don’t know if it would ever be pleasant. I’ve emerged from very dark places in my life, and I know being tiny would be one of the darkest. I prefer believing I’m strong enough to overcome such calamity.

              I would never believe you’d pretend to be terrified or resentful, or expect you to be anything you are not. We all make sacrifices for the people that share our lives. If we don’t give a shit about them we make that clear by ignoring their needs and communicating with them the least amount possible. It’s when we really do have true feelings for someone that we want to make them happy. If that takes learning how to cook, we do it. If it requires that we begin to appreciate long walks or insane family members or an ailing pet, we do it.

              We just do it. It’s probably because I gave up a lot in order to do what was best for my most loved one that I keep imagining all these scenarios where someone manages to rearrange themselves for me. With a little help from me, of course. And please forgive me for reiterating that if you ever shrink, you will find yourself expressing alarm in varying decibels. Until your living environment is perfectly calibrated to suit your height, there will be frights and moments of terrifying awareness of vulnerability. I firmly believe those moments of awareness will often be accompanied by shrieks or at least yelps.


              1. Well, the only time I can say to that is the most predictable thing: I need to read a story about a tiny alpha woman. I couldn’t begin to imagine this on my own.

                I would learn to be scared. I would find frightening aspects and dwell on them, and I would perform convincingly. I would dig deep for a satisfying terror and throw myself into exploring this new dimension of vulnerability and uncertainty. That could become another hymn of praise.

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                1. Alright. I’ve just added it to my to-write list. :)

                  What did I say? You are kind and giving. Studying ways to please those we care about are some of the greatest manifestations of love. You imagine them, and you’ve written about them. I picture them as well but need to get back to writing about the romance of it all, which I’ve lost somewhat…

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          2. And no, there are no giantesses for me. That ship has sailed. Pretending that there is a giantess out there, and that she would have me, is reopening a scar and rubbing it down with glass fiber insulation.

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    1. You are a good man, and wise beyond your years.

      I begin to think the only way I might be persuaded to buy a gaming system now is if I get into a dancing game. Shooting up monsters and solving puzzles is just not my thing anymore.

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