Inktober is a thing some of us size people are doing on Twitter. Since it’s about doing one drawing each day of October, there will be—hypothetically—thirty one drawings I post here. I claim no great artistic skill, I’m mostly doing this for the fun. There are prompts for each day, and I happen to follow them this time around, from a size place. The first word invitation was “poisonous”, and I prosaically thought mushrooms. A lot of people drew mushrooms, and why not? They are beautiful and easy to draw. Add a tiny man, a nature boy, fearless prey and reckless predator, and I’m done.


The second prompt was “tranquil”, painfully obvious in what I chose to depict. This drawing is one of the few I want to fix after the month is over. I’ll fix it with my Mac, where I can add color and texture quickly and relatively easily. The above is my dream; the above is what gives me peace; a life shared with a tiny man I possess, one I made tiny by design.


The third drawing, “roasted”, cost me three followers on Twitter. Eventually I’ll figure out who they were and I’ll find them… but I’m not entirely surprised. It contains sensitive material so I recommend not clicking on the image above if you’re very used to what I’ve shown you here in my blog throughout the years. It came to mind, and I wanted to try it, so I did. I find that the size fetishist that I am can be entirely different a person from the storyteller that I am. The above is the province of the latter, and as such I don’t question or agonize over it just because of content.


“Spell” took me an awful long time. I have close to zero experience drawing folded clothes, so that’s what I spent the longest time tweaking. I didn’t have time to ink it that day, and I’m not sure when I will. This is another drawing I want to fix and finish with color. It takes me to that world where I’m extremely tall, and have the power to shrink others… and I do. Sometimes, when I think about having that ability, I take a deep breath, feel my heart pump hard as adrenaline rushes through my body, and imagine there’s a reality where I exist and shrink just who I want.


For “chicken” I was going to draw a cowering little man, but why would I do that when I can draw an actual chicken with robot parts? Of course, you understand my choice. As you can see, I started drawing from the bottom up and ran out space. I’d like to draw an army of these one day, courageous little warriors going to battle against some indescribable enemy. Probably garden gnomes.

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