The ABCs Game – J is for Jeans

Click on the image to watch the 5-second clip created by docop

I’ve been playing this ABCs Game for approximately a decade, and it’s time to wrap it up. It’s time to wrap up all my blog series so I can move on to other things I need to finish and start. I’m halfway done with the letters, some of which have been accidental repeats. Who cares? No one is keeping track! Well, I am now. But now, onto our feature presentation.

A couple of weeks ago I saw the above clip on Twitter and didn’t really think about blogging anything connected with it—despite the fact that one of my favorite places to imagine keeping a tiny man is there, firmly tucked between my cheeks—until the next morning when story ideas started to flutter in my head. If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that a derrière is a really odd place to keep anything one wishes to keep intact, no matter what you see in Doctor Who episodes and the movie Bridesmaids.

Then don’t ask anyone. Instead, ask one of your people, your size people, and no matter their opinion on the matter, they will nod knowingly because “assplay” is as familiar to any of us as morning coffee. I have no interest in the female backside unless it’s my own. My ass is the vehicle in which many stories I write about little men—and the butts that love them—ride. My own ass is the perpetrator, the savior, the refuge, the addict and the enabler. My ass is everything.

It took me a very long time to realize how fortunate I am to be shaped as I am, but far less time to begin to tell stories about that very tiny man I adore in his every incarnation, and his run-ins with my ample posterior. This blog entry is about that favorite garment I use to rein it in. As you see, J is for Jeans.

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  1. Freezes in place with thought at the cruel mother of all cliffhangers

    That opening sentence is just delightful. Tiny man paradise. Can’t think why he’d ever want to escape it. Except perhaps how painful that preview looks as he’s pushed and plunged into place by impliable, firm, form-fitting fabric, made pliable only by her plump posterior as it ponders precisely how much precious play to permit him in his puckered prison, before positing…pretty much none. So coarse, so rough and so confining to him, so satisfyingly snug to her. Definitely would’ve been better off with the panties for padding.

    Maybe he should head for the door afterall.

    I did really enjoy that dilemma too. The way his natural and passive state of entrapment was explored, only to be reinforced and his flightiness reined in by substantial punishment from that one and only escape endeavour. It just adds a really solid grounding for the situation, especially how that history extends right the way back to when she err…acquired him, to where he is now; all of his dilemmas, discontent and doubts, contrasted with his intimate certainty of how she operates and what he can discern from so many subtle clues that she may never even consider.

    He likely knows her better than she knows herself in many regards. Everything she does is of concern and consequence to him, even if it’s not to her. She may not even be conscious of why she didn’t think to take him to shower, or why she laid out her jeans just so. He very much is, of course.

    That moment of recognition, where he’s stranded there, contemplating how his day’s going to go, what scant choice he has to change his fate, and this detail in particular, “a hungry patch of threaded land” inanimate, innocent, terra firma…only until it’s not, until it’s terra firmer is just sweet, suspenseful torture.

    Much like the exhaust fan

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    1. Thank you for this well-thought-out comment, Macro. I’m rather fond of alliteration, so I appreciate that attack of the Alliterative monster near the beginning.

      Despite the fact that I don’t ever imagine myself tiny, I very much enjoy writing from a tiny perspective. It’s the perfect window to how my character wishes to be seen, the impact she wants to cause, and there’s no better way to witness it than writing it myself.

      A big part of that is that inevitable apprenticeship the tiny character undergoes, during which he does study her (often in order to survive) and begins to know her better than she knows herself. That was excellently put.


  2. Ah. What is it about a shower that makes our significant others extra attractive to each other? I’m sure the unnamed little man will soon be enjoying her soft, clean skin and soapy scent. I’m a bit jealous. Looking forward to more.

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    1. Thank you. I’ve been trying to get back to this and finish it, but after doing Inktober every day, I have no time left for creative stuff. And yes, shower time is an extra special aspect of size fantasies, always.

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