Inktober – 2


I should be posting the third group of five drawings, but I haven’t even started yesterday’s or today’s. I have the ideas for them, but I’m losing steam in the motivation department. I’ll probably kick myself into gear later this evening. The prompt for my sixth drawing is “drooling” and self-explanatory. In one corner we have tight jeans and righteous curves, and in the other we have a little guy obsessed with tight jeans and righteous curves.


“Exhausted” is quite naughty, so if you choose to click the pixelated image you’ll view it in all its glory. It’s all about a little guy being pushed to the limit, and that was hours ago. It’s not up to him when things stop, after all. That’s always his owner’s decision.

“Star” is irrelevant here, because what I really wanted to draw was a woman dropping a tiny guy in her panties. One of my favorite themes ever, and the subject of the first thoroughly filthy story I ever wrote and never published. Where the heck is that thing anyway.

“Precious” to each other is also precious to me. A handheld man pressed to a woman’s cheek is one of my most favorite images to find and collect out there in the size world, so naturally I had to draw my own. This one is the first of such images, but it won’t be the last. Unless I die later today, of course. :) That unibrow was stupendously fun to draw.

“Flowing” is about casting a shrinking spell through words. I still think it’s possible, and like Shakespeare against the Carronites, I hope to come up with the right combination of words that allows me to gain power, in this case the ability to shrink someone. Maybe if I try… POTATO BEER MIDNIGHT PANTIES FOREVER! No, that combination doesn’t work either. Oh, well… one down, gazillions to go.

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    1. You are welcome, and thank you, Olo.

      I now feel a world where it’s important to microchip one’s tiny.

      And the peculiar need to develop at least one unibrow-sporting OC.


  1. “It’s all about a little guy being pushed to the limit, and that was hours ago.” Those words are intense and unbelievable, but also the way things should be. And I wish your chant of “POTATO BEER MIDNIGHT PANTIES FOREVER!” worked, but alas it appears it didn’t. There would have been so much screaming. I get all the words used in the chant but potato. Why potato?

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    1. Yes, that’s the way things should be. Thanks, hopier.

      “Potato” just made sense in my delirious mind. It’s silly, and in reality it accepts all manner of toppings when baked. Maybe in fantasy it’s the universal carrier for size spells. That’s why potato.

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      1. I think more than that. You are more than just a fetish. You have so many interesting subtle attributes about yourself that a sharp long-time reader of my age can pick up. (I’m probably among the oldest of fans you have.) That’s a different form of attractiveness beyond anything sexual.

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        1. Thank you, Jean. It’s very nice to read your words. I AM more than just a fetish, I am more than just Size writing and conversation. I’m where friendship resides. I’m grateful you’ve said this, and my hope is that more women in the size realm, those of us that create our own material in particular, are seen and treated as people more frequently and more generally than we are now.

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