Inktober – 3

I’ve felt extremely tired lately, particularly exhausted, so I phoned in some of these images. It is my intention to fix them later, as is my intention to complete this blog entry, but you know what happens when one intends to do something good. I also intended to shrink someone and be too busy to blog anything at all, but we all know how that went. If I’d succeeded, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. I’d be streaming live video of what I do to him at ComeSeeWhatIDoToHim dot com. It’s only natural.

The eleventh prompt is “cruel” like me, schadenfreuding it all up in there. I’d like to think that, upon growing, I would not hurt anyone when I take what belongs to me… but I think I would. Someone is going to feel pain when they watch what I do to him on YouTube (heavily pixelated, of course). Someone is going to ger hurt when they try to “rescue” him and end up a thin paste under my protective foot. Someone will feel a world of pain when they finally nuke me in their misguided efforts to be rid of me, and realize they’ve only pissed me off. Yes, I can be cruel.

This “whale” one could be so pretty… will be so pretty when I paint the sky different blues, and the ocean deeper hues, and fix her face and her stupid hand, and make that sand silky white. And who doesn’t love a beached-whale rescue story? If you don’t, please tell me where you live so I may add you to my list of people to “visit” when I grow enormously gigantic. :)

Phoned it in. Totally. I was falling asleep while drawing this one, and didn’t draw the birdcage bars. I tried to but my eyes kept closing and I kept messing it up so badly, I finally stopped. I’m happi-ish with her hands, but her face is a mess. Can’t wait to tackle it in layers, like a decent human being that can’t draw cage bars. “Guarded” is about that little man who’s been betrayed too many times, and now, no matter how sweet his keeper, he remains closed off and distant. She’s just gonna have to treat him as a special case and accelerate all therapeutic efforts. I know I would.

That night I was absolutely tuckered out, and it shows. The little man’s body is terribly deformed. I love this idea of a little man as the “clock” that keeps time for her. It doesn’t even have to be the right time. As long as she sees him when she looks at her wristwatch, she’s happy. I would be too.

This is just terrible. A bare-bones sketch, and I can’t even say I phoned it in. More like I grabbed the phone and hurled it against a wall. But I love the concept, and one day, when I have all tbe time in the world, I’ll fix this image of a woman being “weak” and finding that she must spend whatever amount of money she doesn’t have, just as long as she gets to possess that little man.

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  1. Despite any “quality” issues, it’s the intent and message that counts. Lord knows why people spend tens or hundreds of millions on a Mark Rothko or Jackson Pollack… I’d rather pay for your work.

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    1. Thank you, yes, the message and intent are important, and in this context they are a given. I’m striving to improve in all areas of my artistic interests, so I feel the results more dearly.

      I used to imitate Pollock’s painting style when I was a kid. That was messy fun.

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