Inktober – 4

So, the sixteenth Inktober prompt is “angular”, and I wanted to create something that might look like a different sort of artistic style, like a Dalí or a Picasso. I didn’t have time to paint something from scratch (and I have idea if I could have come up with something meritable) so I fudged it with a painting program, and created my first ink-free piece for the month.

The next one is “swollen” and don’t make me explain it because I won’t. No words necessary. Just a tiny man and the giant finger he adores. I had no idea how I was going to produce this one in pencil, and I clearly had very little notion on how to ink it. But I’m learning.

I wanted to draw a male fairy for “bottle”, forgetting that I have no friggin’ clue how to draw fairy wings. I also didn’t want to spend time learning the basics about drawing wings, so I’m saving this image for later editing. Maybe I’ll have time to tackle it this summer. There should be more tiny male fairy portrayals in the world. More art, more stories. I’m working on my own. Are YOU doing your part? :)

This one, “scorched”, elicited some protests when I posted it on Twitter, even though nothing is happening to him… yet, and his body is intact. His mind? Who can possibly know?

“Breakable” can mean anything here. The viewer decides.

2 thoughts on “Inktober – 4

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  1. “Swollen” clearly refers to the little guy’s lymph nodes, which he is displaying. Sick tinies are the worst.

    Seriously, I love his face raised in adoration.

    “Scorched” is also sweet, but shouldn’t the brand go on his tiny tushie?

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  2. Of course, Olo. The lymph nodes. I’m happy I don’t have to explain everything here.

    And yes, sick tinies are indeed nearly intolerable, with their demands that you prop up your phone next to them so they can watch streaming videos of hockey or TV series you haven’t caught up with yet because you’re busy in the real world! And their reluctance to be force fed medicine and broth via dropper jammed into their mouths.

    I also thought to turn him on his stomach, but I wanted to try to draw his face from that angle.


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