Inktober – 5

My favorite version of the book.

Well, the year is almost over, so no time like the present to wrap up the last of my Inktober-prompt drawings. “Drain” is based on one of my favorite books, and I bet no one can guess what the title is. :) In my version, a tiny man is steering the paper boat (which is christened and named after me) and battles Pennywise fearlessly and successfully. There’s a modicum of ink used in this drawing, but it’s mostly PSE shenanigans.

This is the only hairless tiny man I’ve ever drawn… and only because I was tired.

Assuming there’s a world where tiny men exist, I’ve often considered the idea of using them as jewelry. It’s not a new idea for a reason; it’s a very good idea. In that world of my making, the person to whom the marriage proposal is made is delighted at the prospect and the “expensive” engagement ring, but in the end, she (or he, because c’mon) ends up marrying the center stone. Or just telling it they are married. How can it possibly check?

“Muddy” is the twenty-third prompt, and where I stopped drawing for a few weeks. I made myself continue the series early this month because I’m now the type of person that finishes what she starts. One of my future projects is to clean up all my Inktober drawings and post them at DA. Assuming they haven’t deleted my account for smutty submissions. And my stuff isn’t even that naughty. Anyway, I love the idea of a tiny person being found by a caring one, and taken home to get cleaned up, and fed, and kept forever and ever for purposes not necessarily non-lascivious.

“Red hooded sweatshirt—”

I thought about this prompt. I thought about it a lot. Initially, I maintained to myself that I was going to draw a little man being chopped in pieces so as to be prepared for consumption. Then I realized that would not be fun to draw at all, and went with an alternate definition for “chop”, as you can see. He’s quite skilled at playing the guitar, but can’t sing to save his life. Not that he needs to, because she loves his stupid frog-like voice.

“Friday I’ve been shrunk…”

The twenty-fifth prompt is “prickly.” This is one that stumped me for a few hours until I decided I wanted pointy hair to be the definition of it. When I tweeted the drawing, someone mentioned a song by The Cure that I must now modify for my shrinkist purposes. In the meantime, have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. I love Pennywise’s giant eye shining through the dark. Really captures the childhood nightmare theme. That and the overbite. Where The Giantess Things Are.

    “Expensive” is, well, priceless. Bound tinies are an eternal delight.

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    1. Thank you, Olo. I’d like to say that the horror genre is something that has always provided me with entertainment and not fear, and for the most part that’s true. The only exception is “It” which ruined clowns for me. In real life. I still like clowns in art.

      Bound or unbound tinies as exchange or coin is an idea I’ve considered forever.


  2. Thank you for these. My favorites were the engagement ring and the guy with guitar. Love the way she leans in to listen; I guess it’s true about musicians. Also, “Or just telling it they are married.” I like that scenario, may have used it once or twice. :)

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    1. Thank you, meremention. I’d like to finesse the ring one sometime next year, and make it look better; give the poor little guy hair and everything.

      I don’t know what you mean about musicians. I never dated or married any of them! :P

      This reminds me: I need to consolidate all your stories somewhere, since you refuse to put them all at GW.

      (The second story you posted there is quite different and enjoyable!)

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