Bus Stop


“Do we have to take the bus?”

“Yes, we do.”

“Why don’t we just text for a car?”

“We talked about this, Jebediah. I only have a couple of contracts left for the entire year, and we have to pinch pennies until your shrinking treatment is over.”

“I’m afraid.”

“I’ll keep you safe.”

“But what if strangers wBusStopant to touch me? To hold me and pinch my cheeks? You wouldn’t let anyone do that, would you?”

“The car is in the shop. We have to take the bus. We can’t miss your doctor’s appointment. Here it is.”

Judith stood up and turned to face the low retaining wall next to the bus stop where she and Jebediah had been sitting, and as the bus came to a full stop with a loud blast of decompressed air, she lifted a whimpering Jeb in her arms. She was the last of a small group to climb into the large vehicle, and paid no attention to the smirks and giggles she—and her small charge—provoked.

There was ample space in the back of the bus, and as it lurched on, Judith moved in the opposite direction with slow steps, holding Jeb in one arm, and steadying her way to their seat with her free hand. She ignored a man’s offer to ‘come sit with her and bring over that pretty little thing’ but felt Jeb shiver and hide his face against her body.

[Will finish this later.]

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  1. Oh, Jeb. There comes a time when all reasoning, all cavils are just a useless, ineffectual buzzing in your giantess’s lovely ears. There comes a time when you have to realize you’ve gone too far, and the wisest course of action is to fully subscribe to whatever she has in mind, no matter the cost. Show a little curiosity! Think how much farther you could go if you added your momentum to hers, rather than vainly struggling to hold her back.

    Unless she likes that high-pitched whingeing. That’s another matter, and in that case, you’re a trooper.

    Those are some nice, shapely legs, all the more attractive for how much more powerful each one is than the entire little man. And there’s just something about buses that makes them a fertile growing bed for size stories, isn’t there? Beautiful work.

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    1. He’s a little trooper. Jeb’s owner likes a lively debate, and the little one is not wrong, after all… but they did have an agreement about how things were going to go. Jeb is just scared. In the drawing I placed him sitting as closely to her as he can, so his words don’t come from a place of lack of affection or interest, or an intention to hurt. And she does love his occasional whingeing. If it were constant opposition, it would be destructive.

      Thank you, and yes! Buses are great. I don’t ride them often (or at all, lately) but those two are about to.

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  2. It’s a shame that someone with Jeb’s condition would be ridiculed. Then again, people will always find a reason to belittle others. And no, for once that was not a pun.

    In such a short draft you’ve managed to convey a few noteworthy details. Such as his fear of what is happening to him or her determination to keep him safe. He’s confused as to why he, of all people, is getting smaller, she might not know it either, but she’s focused on making sure nothing bad happens to her little companion. Friend? Lover?

    Just thinking about the possibilities is half the fun. How small will he get? Safe to say small enough to fit into her palm entirely, I’m sure. Or maybe even smaller? How will his life look once he’s so utterly tiny? Will he get used to seeing her tower over him hundreds of feet above or restricting his freedom for his own safety? Will she have to keep him safe not just from other people, but from critters as well, like a stray mouse that found its way into her place? Will she, at one point, have to rescue him from a spider’s web or dispose of a pack of ants chasing after him, more akin to a pack of wolves from his minuscule perspective?

    Another point of focus, as I see it, would be how their relations develop the smaller he gets. Especially when he gets so small it takes two fingers to carry him around. Would she still award him dignity and respect of a fellow human being? And the other way around, would he not get overwhelmed by this mountain of a woman upon whom his daily routine and even existence would depend? What if he gets so small that something as simple as communicating becomes a challenge? When he looks up from the floor, standing by her colossal toes, resembling pillars of an ancient temple rather than digits, will he see the same girl he used to know before he shrank? And when she looks all the way down to a shriveled speck jumping and waving his teensy arms by her foot, would she see the same man he was not so long ago?

    I always empathize with the little ones in such moments, especially the ones as frightened as Jeb. Poor little guy will probably never really get used to being so much smaller than her. Which makes me hope she will be very gentle and caring for him, as she’s his safe haven from the world. Who else to protect him and keep him safe if not her?

    So, this goes without saying, but I enjoyed this entry very much and I’m hoping to see it develop into something longer. Great job!

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    1. You are correct. People get teased or made fun of for far lesser reasons than being very small. The particulars of his shrinking will become clear as I expand the story… probably in a future blog entry, where the rest of your questions will be answered. :)

      Thank you for this thoughtful, playful comment, Balore.


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