In My Pocket


Did you ever have the feeling there’s a TINY in your HEINIE?

…or a FELLOW tucked in your ELBOW?

…or a GUY asleep on your THIGH?

Sometimes I feel quite certain there’s a SQUIRT up my SKIRT.

Sometimes I have the feeling there’s a DUDE hiding in my FOOD.

[This is not as easy as I thought. I’ll come back and finish this masterpiece later.]
[Anyone that tries to rhyme “runt” will be blocked. :D]

Did you see HER in my HAIR? I have talked to her myself.

That’s the kind of life I live. There’s a… WHO is in my SHOE?

I saw him SCOOT into my BOOT. Oh, now I see TWO!

Some of them are very friendly. Like the NUT up my BUTT.

But that SPECK biting my NECK. Some are friendly. Some are NOT.

I hear a MEEP on my LIP. And something FLUNG itself on my TONGUE.

And that RUNT rubbing my… FRONT. Well, I think that’s just wrong.

All those PEEPS caressing my FEET, they are good fun to have about.

But not that GRUMP licking my RUMP… him I could do without!

The only one I’m really scared of is that BUG stroking my RUG.

And that WEE climbing my KNEE… I don’t like him. Not at all.

And it makes me sort of nervous when he wants to climb it ALL.

But the GUESTS on my BREASTS. They are great fun to have around.

And so are the many, many tiny people I have found.

Like the DWELLERS in my CELLAR


And the DEARS in my EARS

And the BEAUS cleaning my NOSE

And the MAN kissing my HAND

And the YOKEL licking my KNUCKLE

And the SCAMP making me DAMP

And the IT fucking my…

He lasts an HOUR in the SHOWER

I don’t care if you believe it. That’s the kind of life I live.

12 thoughts on “In My Pocket

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  1. Clearly, the dude in your food is a borrower who’s too shy to say hi.

    Ah, breast pockets, always a favorite. Safe and comfortable for him, easy to check up on him for her. I lot track of how many times I wished I was small enough to fit in one. I also like how the drawing cuts where her eyes are, so we cannot be sure where she’s looking. Probably at him, most certainly at him. But when it’s drawn like this it’s kind of sensual. Maybe just the way I see it. In any case the drawing is wonderful. : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is he now? Well, what harm can come from a food visitor, then?

      I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this blog entry. I’m going to have to change how I alter the sing-songiness of the book so I can work with the insanity of the content.

      Thank you so much, Balore! I’m happy you think so. :)


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