Rule No. 877 – Party Rules

They must be followed.

You’ve been shrinking for a while now, Toy. I’m proud of you for having gone through the process without much resistance. You’re a brave little trooper. The same can’t be said about the rest of the people that shrank, but I don’t care about them. I only care about you, and what happens to you. Now that you’ve dwindled to a very small size, it’s important that you know I’ll no longer allow you to roam around freely when we go to parties. That was fine when you started shrinking, but now that you’re the size of a doll— Yes, of course… an action figure. Not a doll.

When we are out, you’ll stay by my side at all times. That’s the rule, and you will follow it with no exceptions, do you understand? I don’t care if you want to mingle, and it doesn’t matter what the other little ones are doing. If you want to spend some time with them, I’ll put you in the enclosure when it’s time, and you may visit and squeak at them then. Yes, all my friends are going to be there with their tiny possessions. Yes, I said possessions. Belongings. You belong to me; you’re mine; you’re my toy.

If you’re going to scrunch up your face like that, I’ll be compelled to smooth it out with kisses, and I just finished applying a thick coat of lipstick. Do you want to be the only little toy at the party with half his body smudged in glossy pink? I thought not… but the thought of displaying you while you’re wearing nothing but lipstick appeals to me. That’s right. You won’t be wearing any clothes to the party. Oh, stop that chirping! Toys don’t need to be covered up in fabric. It’s a well heated home, and you’ll be by my feet; the heat from my legs is more than sufficient to keep you comfortable.

It won’t matter after you down a few thimblefuls of liquor, so stop— Yes, I’m bringing this thimble. In a few months it will be too big for you to hold on your own, and this is the last chance I have to show my friends how cute you look drinking from it. And… I don’t want you to be nervous, so you’ll drink quite a bit. I’m not sure how much! Probably enough to help you forget… Uh? What? Oh, never mind.

No, it’s not that kind of party! Why? Are you interested in going to that kind of party? No, I don’t know anyone throwing those kinds of parties, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I get invited at some point in the future. You are very handsome, and my friends love to stare at you. I’m sure they’ll stare quite a bit tonight. That’s a lovely shade of red you’re turning, Toy.

There will be some food, so I’m not going to feed you before we go. I’ll decide later if you eat anything at all. Maybe a couple of crumbs from my plate while you down tequila shots. No, silly! Not my-size shots. Swigs from my thimble. Yes.

She’ll play the kind of music she likes, Toy. It will be loud for your little ears, but that’s how we tall people have fun. I’ll certainly do something about it if it hurts you! Let me know the moment you feel discomfort, and I’ll pick you up and keep your ears covered. Between my breasts. I’ll need my hands to hold my drink! You meant… tell my friend to lower the volume?

Yes, I laughed. Because that’s funny! You’re funny. It’s a party, and there will be music. I happen to like German death metal. I don’t care if you’re embarrassed to be seen with your head between my boobs as you wear them as ear mufflers. You’ll like it, and you’ll thank me for it. You’re welcome.

The questions you ask. Not one of my friends has ever asked to pick you up or hold you. Why do you think that might happen? I don’t know. It’s possible. Well, I hadn’t thought about it. You know how I feel about what-ifs. Why be concerned about something that hasn’t taken place? Don’t worry so much, Toy. I’d never let anyone be rough with you, or damage you. Ah, hurt you. I know.

No, enough questions. It’s time to go. You’ve distracted me long enough, and if I keep looking at you and listening to you, we’ll never leave the house. I’ll answer your tiny questions tomorrow… if you’re still alive. It’s a joke! I’m joking. I mean, if you’re conscious. No sense of humor… I’m going to kiss you until you smile. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

6 thoughts on “Rule No. 877 – Party Rules

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  1. Getting more and more fond of your art style and its attention to detail. I don’t think I need to mention being fond of your writing style, as I’ve been a fan of that for a long time. : )

    It’s so fun Toy is only going to get smaller from now on. Maybe one day he’ll get so small you can fit him whole in that thimble to carry him around? Although I’m sure there are better places for that. And what new rules will he have to follow? One can ponder.

    Simply wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Balore, for these extraordinarily nice words. The idea behind this blog entry is that the little guy has been shrinking slowly after going through a “voluntary” procedure, and will continue to shrink until he reaches the perfect size, which is two inches in height. Seldom do I think about a larger size, and often do I think about much smaller ones. There are a gazillion rules to write about. :)


  2. [T]he thought of displaying you while you’re wearing nothing but lipstick appeals to me.

    What I find delicious here is that Owner will clearly enjoy the pride of possession and the covetous reactions of her friends, along with Toy’s apprehension, humiliation, and eventual performance, while at the same time chiding and possibly punishing Toy for subconsciously enjoying and soliciting her friends’ appreciation. All of this is foreordained, both of them know it, and Toy can’t do a single thing about it.

    I dream about this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These are wonderful things to dream about. And yes to all of the above, except the part about punishing her tiny charge for those reasons. I’d not fathom my character punishing her tiny man for thoughts she seeded, encouraged, nurtured. Besides, there are about a billion better reasons for punishment. :D

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