Tuesday Night News…

…Even though it’s Wednesday.


I’d been thinking about getting a Fitbit for a while, and yesterday I finally got one. It’s uncomfortable. I never liked wearing a wristwatch because no matter the material, I always ended up tugging at it, taking it off and placing it in my pocket. Now I have to keep this on at all times, and the imposition makes me wish it were a tiny guy wrapped around my wrist serving the Fitbit functions, which amount only to counting, at least while I’m awake.


“Yes, Owner?”

“What’s my heart rate?”

“A cool sixty-eight beats per minute, Owner.”

“Could be better. Did you count my steps this hour?”

“Yes, Owner. You need two hundred eighty-eight more steps to reach your target.”

“I’m so glad you went to school. How many calories have I burnt?”



“Yes, er… eight.”


“Hundred! Eight hundred?”

“I don’t think you really know, Fitbitty.”


I entered it. I’m looking forward to writing the story in my head. I’m not sure yet if it will be old-school gentle, or Undersquiddy gentle. There’s a huge difference between the two styles. One has puppies and butterflies and is great and what’s not to love about caresses and hugs and pure devotion?

The other displays bruises and earth-shattering lust, tears and booming laughter, discipline and ownership, and it’s great and what’s not to love about caresses and hugs and pure devotion?

I don’t know what I’m going to do yet, but what’s sure is that I don’t want to fail at submitting my entry. The last time I turned in a story to a @SizeRiot contest was… last year. Too many months ago.

Contest Uproar

When the #GentleApril19 constraints were announced, one of them was “Someone in the story must achieve orgasm” and was met with opposition by those that wanted to write a gentle SFW story. Tempers flared, things were said, and whatever the end result, here’s the truth:

  1. These contests were created by Aborigen. He runs them without any help (except tweets and RT). He’s been happily accepting input, advice, ideas on how to improve them, but for the most part the evolution of the Size Riot contests has been organic, and all improvements have been implemented by Aborigen.
  2. The rules and limitations have always existed to protect the contest, and challenge the readers. The constraints have never been created to intentionally exclude anyone. Only the authors’ preferences establish their lack of participation.
  3. Writers that don’t feel inclined or inspired by a theme typically wait until there’s a contest that’s a better fit. I’ve never really observed anyone have such an averse reaction (Orgasmageddon, as I call it in my head) because the theme did not fit their particular writing style.
  4. I understand the orgasm restriction is far more distilled than “Don’t write about minors”, and a sudden, shocking rarefaction in the creative maneuvering that was expected, hoped for, looked forward to by SFW Gentle fans. It still holds that the restrictions could have been left in place, and those that found them unpalatable could have waited for the next contest to fulfill their preferred parameters.
  5. Entering a contest run by someone else is akin to being a guest in their home. Be gracious, discuss what troubles you instead of tossing the bowl of soup on the host’s head, complaining that you don’t like the food.
  6. That’s all. What I’m writing here is moot since the direction of the contest has been re-decided, and (as far as I know) the arguments have ceased… but I wanted to express my support for Aborigen’s hard, unpaid, often thankless work while emphasizing that we all love to create Size material, and I’m happy so many of us feel this strongly about creating Gentle Size material. Next time let’s try to work out our manageable differences without a sense of entitlement, without name calling, without knee-jerk reactions, with less anger, maybe.


Most of my recent posts include something I’ve drawn. After I finish a drawing I open my Prisma app, and use one of its filters to alter my drawing as a “cover” for my actual sketch. I’ve been told more than once how nice the filtered image is, so I’m clarifying it here and now: The look of the filtered image is not one I attain by any means of artistry or skill. It’s a filter. Yes, overall I’m awesome and whatnot, but what you see after you click those doctored images is how I actually draw. One day my drawings will be so amazing they will be lethal, but until I can kill that way, at a distance with my pen, I’m learning and having fun.


Two inches are the perfect height!

I bought a small ruler just so I could look at it constantly as I imagine a tiny little shrunken man standing next to it while I measure him (“My goodness, I do think you’re getting smaller!”) and track his progression with a permanent marker… which I’ve also used on him, to write “Property of [my name]” or the like.

That’s it for now. I’m off to try to draw a tiny robot on account of https://marchofrobots.com

Have a good day!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Night News…

Add yours

  1. My friend, my Twin Brain. Thank you for this.

    I miss Prisma. Perhaps I should run my tiny-man photos through some artsy filters, see how that looks.

    Your artwork is getting ever more exciting, and your steady stream of ideas and vignettes nourishes me. For so many reasons, I’m glad you’re here.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re welcome! :) Prisma is great. I’m thinking of getting the premium service, since I use it every day right now.

      Thank you. All I want to do is improve. Why? I don’t know. It’s that veil thing again. Everything to tear the veil.


  2. I would make a terrible Fitbit. My greatest diagnostic utility would be as a internal thermometer.

    Can’t say I’m disappointed to have missed out (?) on the GentleApril19 uproar, but I second everything Undersquid has said. Aborigen has always operated in the best faith of anyone I’ve known in the size community, and I can’t imagine that he ever wanted to exclude anyone. I still plan to both submit a story and evaluate everyone else’s, and I hope that even the people who sit this one out will read the others’ work and give helpful feedback.

    I don’t care how they happen, your drawings are hot. Protective layers are probably a good idea.

    Crawford is tracking all your purchases, you know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤔 That sounds more like a preference rather than a shortcoming declaration.

      Thank you, and likewise. I’d like to participate in all remaining contests this year. Crossing fingers and toes.

      Thank you, Olo! I’m glad you like them.

      And Crawford n e v e r catches me. Ever.

      Liked by 1 person

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