Dancing Shoes


Oh and the shit, shock, horror
You’ve seen your future bride
Yeah, but it’s oh so absurd
For you to say the first word so you’re waiting and waiting and
— Arctic Monkeys

I’m writing this right now. Right now, as you look at the screen.

I don’t know how long it’s going to be, but it’s the kind of thing I need to write right now.

I don’t know when I’ll post the story. All I know is that it will be right before I start my St. Paddy’s Day drawing, which will be in green ink, and gloriously naughty.

Off with you!

[Later: Welcome back. Here’s the story. It’s mega gentle and no one gets dead or worse… but I loved writing it. I’m a sucker for ownership at… eh, no spoilers. Warning: There’s crass language. What the fuck are you gonna do about it?]

Dancing Shoes

Off with me, to lewd drawerings!

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  1. Oh, I don’t feel good about those poor leprechauns. I offer 100 prayers for their safety. Find help in John 6:2, 8:16, 9:1; Luke 1:7, 3:1; Galatians 6:11, 15:2; Acts 3:3; Revelation 18:7; Jonah 6:8.

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  2. “Journey and Alloy”? That’s hysterical.

    This was really sweet. Emma is a complex and plausible (if familiar) character, and I completely bought how her agenda gradually revealed itself to her. Her relationship with Connie is nicely detailed, which helped me sympathize with Emma as Connie’s good deed was duly punished.

    By filtering your world-building through Emma’s cynicism, we get just enough detail without leaving the action. The phrase “new human” evokes a number of possibilities, but we don’t need to explore them all in order to appreciate Emma’s oblique fascination.

    I have to say you lost me when Alloy abruptly pledged his fealty to Emma. This plot device needs to be foreshadowed for it to make any sense. It makes a world of difference if Emma knew that such a thing was possible, as it clearly informs her motives. We have no idea how rare or common this is, so we cannot weigh its impact.

    a voice that reached deeply into her, and wrapped around her heart, carrying it somewhere clean, and new. This was very good, elegantly illuminating what Emma is about. Again with the intriguing “new.”

    I’m not sure Alloy is very safe on that dance floor, but I’m quite sure Emma doesn’t care.

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    1. Those names were whispered to me by my muse. :) He meant for them to be funny.

      Thank you, Olo. I wanted to write something measurably tender, and for the most part I tried to separate my Owner self from the Emma character. Near the end, I gave in and inserted that pledge that lost you. I’m going to try to do better in the future about sticking to my guns and writing the story I want to write instead of the story I want to live. And thank you very much for the good-bad-good review. I really appreciate it.

      Emma cares! She cares a lot. She’s not going to stamp around like a wild animal. She’ll barely move her feet, and Alloy will do most of the maneuvering.

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