I’ve wanted to write something on the topic of lipstick for a very long time. A few days ago I decided it was time to do so, and it was time to draw something about it. Combine that with my love for handheld, kissing, gentle but inexorable advances, and this is the result.


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      1. That is a magnificent font. I liked Verdana considerably and Palatino years ago, but Avenir is a nice clean but closely spaced font. I just added to my Google Docs too. It inspires me to write too!

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  1. If the tiny people were really smart, they’d build a 10-feet-high corral with no gate next to her field and toss him in.

    But then we’d miss the beauty of her promenade, which isn’t a celebration of her destructiveness so much as of her entitlement. This is a ritual, and the snapped power lines and cracked asphalt are sacrifices evidencing the futility of resisting her claim. I’d love to be the contractor who has to keep repairing his roof.

    I watched him swallow, his neck as thin as a twig, and I dug my finger into my palm just a bit, until he couldn’t breathe. I loved him more than ever when he stopped breathing, and then I let go… just a bit, until he could take in air again. Tinies are so busy being terrified they never notice just how disarmed and fascinated giants are by their fine details.

    And their smells. Jam ’em right under yer nostrils and drink ’em in. Like an overture.

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    1. They tried the corral thing, but then she made the usual rounds anyway, to find the person that ordered the corral built, the corral designer, and the people that built it. What a day that was for local youtubers.

      I’ve always enjoyed the idea of reconstruction after the visit of a giant being. There’s much hope in the act, probably accompanied by mercenary bids for those repairs, but hope. It’s crunchy and fascinating, from overture to finale.

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