The idea for this image came from my fantasies. In them, I shrink someone who must then, on a daily basis, face my panties. He contends with other garments, but my undergarments are de rigueur a challenge in his life.

What does this brave little guy do? Does he rise to the occasion? It’s not unusual for someone recently shrunk to shy away from their responsibilities, and that’s when someone like me is encouraging, precise, and firm. After all, he only needs a…


P.S. This is entirely self-indulgent writing, fun for me, so don’t look for fancy plot twists or elaborate dialogue.

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  1. The illustration is beautiful. The filter tries to take away from it somewhat, installing paint chips where there should be a smooth valley (with powerful cords beneath), but it’s still perfect. A perfectly proportioned little man, uselessly warding off lovely panties, helplessly urged on by the Hand of Giantess Herself. This by itself is perfect and complete and worthy of being stared at for far too long.

    Then this story. Holy boots. This is powerful and deliberate. I start into it, already feeling straps whipping around and bracing me into my chair, my seat rolling forward on the grudging chains and cogs that haul it up that first hill of steel rails, watching the top of the hill slowly disappear, nothing but empty, featureless sky as my car builds the momentum that will carry me through the rest of the ride.

    It’s so hard to really penetrate both sides of this. I want badly to be the little man, and yet the giantess (despite her proclaimed taciturn stance) gives away so much, reveals so much of the workings of her mind. I have to manually shift gears from my physical longings to be where he is and switch to my mental longings to understand how she’s thinking and what she’s feeling. I have to switch from the horror of inexorable oppression to empathy with this tremendous craving.

    “You exist to give me cums.” Simultaneously naive (I don’t want to say childish!) and threatening. I wasn’t expecting this line, and I appreciate the surprise.

    I love the mechanism for her mystical power. It’s intriguing, it’s so compelling how it’s rendered. It’s philosophy and metaphysics. It’s so much more satisfying, and much more believable, than someone simply crinkling their nose and issuing a command, as if that explained anything. What’s going on here is fantastic.

    His stupidity is driving me crazy, though. All that begging, and what it gets him. It’s like he has no learning curve at all. Entirely aside from the part of me that screaming to shove him aside and show him how it’s done, aside from that, why has he such a one-track mind when he knows where that train is going?

    This is beautiful and seductive and compelling. This is something to reread in quieter moments, on a different medium. This is fantastic, powerful work.

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    1. Thank you. If you click on the filtered image you arrive at the final destination of the unfiltered image. That’s how it is with all these filtered, “cover” drawings. I’m happy you like either version. : )

      I mentioned that the story is entirely for me, and just for kicks, never gonna look for literary awards with this one. I don’t know what to do about his “stupidity” though. I write about it because I imagine every human being on Earth would protest being treated like an object, would decry and fight against that Hand of Goddess, even in utter futility.

      When I’m done with my Giantess Epoch, I might start writing about a tiny man that isn’t as “stupid”, that is happy he’s been shrunk, that is a partner, a friend, an interested party in the entire operation, eager to love and to please. There’s something balm-like about that notion.

      Thank you for this comment and for your endless cheers and support.

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