Happy April Fools’ Day!


This isn’t really a prank post. I almost wanted to say that from now on I’m only going to depict giant (or normal-sized) people as above, as minimalist stick figures that have no sexual appeal at all. Why? As a way to signify my feelings regarding the representation of tiny people as such; featureless, fingerless, sexless, flat little figures that deeply contrast their much larger, carefully detailed counterparts.

While I’m a huge fan of many artists that engage in drawing little people as white blobs, it’s impossible for me to have real fun while staring at those images. Because of my gender, my focus is on the tiny men of images and stories that are described richly, or rendered carefully. I’m sure the thousands of people currently enjoying the female figure being shown down to the pores on their skin would feel the same way if they suddenly couldn’t find any drawings or digital images that showed nothing but amoeba-like biggos.

I’m going to continue to draw as I have thus far… well, I’m going to get better at it… but every once in a while I’m going to draw giant blobs. It’s only fair. That’s all I’m going to say about that, and have nothing much to add about April Fools’ Day. When I was a child and my friends prepared to prank one another in ways that were painful or embarrassing, I stopped them in their tracks by revealing their schemes. The day goes by a different name and month down there, but the enjoyment at someone else’s pain is the same, and I couldn’t allow it.

Now that I’ve said that, an idea for a character that celebrates the day to the hilt has come to mind, so I’m going to have to execute it, and then share it. Then you’ll probably see your way clear to looking at it, which will probably cause you some disquiet. I certainly hope it does. : D

10 thoughts on “Happy April Fools’ Day!

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    1. Without consequences? That’s extremely optimistic of you! : )

      More real talk: Part of why I’m drawing and writing all this is because the “giant” women in the size world that share my perspective have spent many years without much material that caters to our particular tastes. While that’s changed, there’s still a lot of ignoring the female perspective to emphasize the male one… which if it’s about breasting boobage, it becomes unrelatable or boring.

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  1. This is the greatest. We’ve talked about this situation many times, and I’ve even confronted a couple artists on it and heard their feedback, respected it, but no. It’s an endless frustration to see a meticulously rendered, succulent giantess futzing around with the vague outline of where a tiny man should be.

    You were perhaps the ideal artist to put this on its head, what with your proclivity for realistic, gorgeous little men.

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    1. This is payback, plain and simple. : D

      I’ve never felt it worth mentioning when I have, because artists are going to create their drawings the way they see fit. But if I can disappoint a few viewers the way I’ve been made to feel manifold, I’ll be well satisfied. Is that evil? I hope so.

      And thank you! : )

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  2. April Fools Day came and went in a blur this year, but I’m happy you’re not drawing blobs for faces. Your knack for detail has been amazing, really liking your recent works. Btw, I usually celebrate AFD by reading one of Robert Reich’s Bizarro-like essays on Facebook, always a fun read.

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    1. But that’s exactly what I did! I’m just drawing GIANT blobs for faces. Call it, “Revenge of the Undersquid”. : D

      Thank you, my friend. I’m glad you’re enjoying my drawings. I think you sent me a link to one of those essays many years ago. I’m gonna look them up again.


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