Hold On

And don’t let go..

I said something out loud, something dangerous

Something she intentionally misconstrued

The way she loves to do

She said, “Okay, if that’s what you want…”

And then she drank, and made me drink

And then she sat on me


Without warning

Without a thought about my size

She hid me from the world

This is not what I meant, I thought

But the pulsating tomb of her ass is always

Better than precise understanding

Better than literal meaning

Better than my careless words

Her hips spread on her couch, on me

And I waited to run out of air

I never did

In the darkness, in the heat, under the weight of the world

She watched TV, she read, she talked on the phone

And every slurred word traveled from her lips to my body

Drums of war that never stopped

She shifted, she rocked, she found me every time

She flattened all but one thing

For an eternity

Until she stood up

With my body in tow, indented, imprinted

In her cheek

But then she walked and shook me loose

Sway and never-ending jiggle

That unglued my numb limbs

But one

I grappled with fingers too small

I unpeeled from her with an invisible sound

And fell

Until my fingers worked

The weave of her panties the thread

And I the needle

Drunk, I held on through every bounce

Her ass pushed me away and my grip pushed back

Like a feather in the wind

But I held on

And called her every name

Begged every word

As she staggered past dark hallways

To the dim light of her bedroom

And didn’t think to look for me

As she crashed into bed

And drifted off to sleep

On her side

On my body

My head free to scream, to fear, to beg, to weep

8 thoughts on “Hold On

Add yours

    1. True, and who wants to write about a tiny man that lets go? I don’t. I don’t even want to draw that guy. I like drawing and writing about tiny people that have a good grip on who they are.

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  1. I love this illustration. It’s a fantastic adventure I’ve dreamed about, climbing up the round backside of a giantess. Whether she’s in jeans or lacy panties or a thong, or if I’m dangling from an errant backpack strap while she takes the bus, or if I’m even just pulling myself up by very long hair spilling down her back, I’ve fantasized many, many times about being positioned right there. I’ve dreamed about the conflicting drives of bouncing against a big, round, sweet butt and multifarious other dangers: getting sat on, falling and getting stepped on, getting plucked away by someone else in the area, getting found out by the giantess and incurring her wrath. That all makes it that much more exciting, of course.

    Thank you for your hypnotic prose. I can’t believe there’s a giantess who wants the other side of this scenario as badly as I crave my role. You are such a miracle, my friend. This story deserves to be purred into a microphone and cleaned up in post, maybe with a predatory jazz track behind it, drum-and-bass. This adventure you tell like a poem… so much going on here. His mercurial perspective, his shifting wants and fears, even as her own caprices are communicated right exclusively through the conduct of her rear. You’re doing so much with this, it’s incredible.

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    1. I like the idea of a backpack strap. It tells a very nice story of a meet-cute of sorts. The impact of that initial interaction is so dramatic I’m always sorry my female character misses it entirely, and more often than not doesn’t even know it’s taking place. But that’s a small price to pay for the later fun I like to write about.

      Thank you for your very sweet comment. I like the idea of making this into a voice file! I haven’t made one of those in years, and you’re right, this lends itself to that perfectly. I can’t fully picture the soundtrack for it, but deep beats are a must. In fact, I’m going to go try it now!

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      1. The meet-cute. I love that term but I don’t think I’ve purposely employed it, mindfully. Something like this kicked off one of my favorite, formative stories, “Change for 22” by Chelgi. There was a wonderful sequence of him nearly getting sat on by a woman, then clinging to her skirt and ending up in her possession. He was a young college student and she was a PSEO student, but that seemed less sketchy when I was closer to that age.

        Well, there’s only one thing for you to do, Twin-Brain: write a story in which the man believes he’s hanging from the giantess’s butt undetected, but she knows he’s there and is only posing obliviousness. She undertakes certain actions, motions, activities designed alternately to tease him and arouse herself. He might have some suspicions after a while, but she reads him clearly right through her butt and modifies her activity accordingly. How’s that sound? I know you can do it.

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        1. Nope. Bad. The audio sounds gross. I can’t do tiny-man perspective. I have to do my own perspective to sound right.

          Challenge accepted. I have a very firmly placed to-write list, but this has been added. : )

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