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DrinkingToy It’s the perfect size!

I’m contemplating sorting out my online presence. I don’t know that many people blog anymore, and I’m not sure that I want to continue on this path. I’m going to keep writing, but posting here and on DA while tweeting and thinking of consolidating my stories at GW is too much. At the same time I’d like to publish all I do in one place that doesn’t have a problem with presenting nipples or certain kinds of nudity. And I’m not sure I want to keep being “Undersquid” which is something I never thought I’d say.

In other news, thank you very much, loyal reader, for pointing the way to a set of drinking buddies like the one above. These drinking buddies had come to my attention a while back, and I started looking for them locally after discussing them with my toy hopier. I really wanted to find one! And now I have it. It doesn’t matter that I mostly drink water now, because that little speck can watch me do it from the rim, and I can imagine it’s my toy. <4

Also, I drew the above. There a half-shaped story that goes along with it, but I have no idea where it’s going to end up, if at all. Have a good Wednesday!

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    1. The thought of using my first name crossed my mind, but if I make changes, I’ll go with a different nym. Nothing with the word “giantess” or “goddess” attached to it, for sure. 🤔

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      1. Just noticed the saliva addition. Very well done. It’s easy to over-do that stuff, and it’s just right. His hair won’t be that poofy for very long, I suspect.

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    1. Thank you, boourns! : )

      I’m going to continue writing and creating images; I’m only trying to decide the best way to publish what I create, both practically and financially.


  1. I have to wonder about people who don’t contemplate and review their online presence. I mean, lucky for them, I guess: everything’s going smoothly and successfully, so there’s nothing to change. But like you, I have to step back somewhere between every few months and every couple of years to look at what I’ve been up to, how well it’s working, and what I’m overlooking.

    I adore Undersquid just because of what you’ve done with it. It’s startlingly creative, unexpected and unique, and you’ve owned it with dominion. I think there are few replacement names you could choose that I would not subsequently adore. I can only hope whatever you decide, it feels comfortable and appropriate and empowering. Something that reflects the world you want to live in and what you want to achieve. I’m also rethinking my name, though having established my handle for over 20 years, that’s probably a moot point.

    That illustration is gorgeous. The arc of your artistic achievement is inspiring. That tongue in particular, that huge, fat, moist tongue is the quintessential Tongue. How mean, to only hint at the thick, full lips from which it spills, but still. Unlike Moscow’s answer to Billy Idol, there, I would eagerly burrow into that Tongue and pour all my love into it. Along with the perfect Tongue, you have created yet another impossibly good looking little guy, a rack of beef and cheekbones that could slice it. Once again, the recurring theme of those most wonderful gifts lavished upon one who could not deserve or appreciate them. What a world.

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    1. Yes, lucky for them. I suppose they don’t put the stock on their online activities that we do, or simply have no interest in artistic growth. I notice some creators on DA change their names, so it must be a heavy consideration for a few of us. I like Undersquid too, but I created it during a time of turmoil, and it expresses it. Hug the Undersquid? Why? Because the Undersquid felt like an underdog during that time. Most of the time the origin of that name hasn’t mattered to me, but it makes a difference lately. If I can’t shake off this unease, then the name will have to go.

      But I think I probably can. This feeling probably has nothing to do with my online name and everything to do with something else. In any case, I’m not in any hurry. I’m sitting on my hands and waiting it out, mostly because of the hassle that any change would entail. Thank you for your unfailing support. And you could change your name if you want and people would just have to get used to it. You have a wide audience so the change might have a greater impact than I can imagine… Hm.

      Thank you! There’s this feeling inside of me, this complete lack of certainty about the direction I’m taking with my artistic endeavors. I have no idea where I’m going to end up! And it’s kind of an exhilarating mystery. It feels like an adventure. I have no idea what I’m going to draw next, or if it’s going to look like crap or if I’ll be happy with it. I’m very happy with this thought bubble/tongue drawing. Hahah! “Mean.” The tiny man is nearly always going to be the center of attention in what I draw… which is why the lips are off to the side, almost irrelevant. Also, the tiny man is typically going to be good looking. I spent years looking at collages of gorgeous women showering extremely unattractive little men with attention, and hitting the back button, and wishing things were different. Well, I’m making them different. : )

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      1. No, oh no, it was Lovecraftian for me. “Hug the Undersquid”: go very deep into the earth, into the matter of your substance, and embrace that big, scary, vulnerable creature of incomprehensible love. Swim right up to your fears, and stroke them tenderly to begin the healing. That’s what it meant to me. I got the underdog reference, pushed further because a squid is so much more interesting. Not only is it intensely intelligent, it could easily be an alien visitor stuck in this world and making the best of things.

        I understand that you know where it comes from and it has associations and things have changed. Nothing you do is wrong, and I support your decision.

        If I changed my name, it would go in three waves. The first wave would be the people I talk with the most, who care about what I do, who wake up and pay attention. The second wave would be the casual online users, people who haven’t tweaked their algorithms to perform sufficiently, people who are busy and come online only for entertainment occasionally. A few of them might see my announcement, or else they’d slowly wonder what happened and get clued in by the first wave.

        The third wave would stretch on interminably, populated by the unredeemably clueless, the career lazy-asses. Years could pass before the zit of “whatever happened to Aborigen” pops within them. Slowly, very slowly some of them might do the legwork and find my copious and proliferate announcements of my name-change, then forget to pass this information along. It’s an exercise in frustration.

        The tiny man is the center for you; for me, the giantess is just so gloriously enormous, no frame can adequately contain the least bit of her. Just as the other artists can’t bother to draw in the details of a tiny man, it’s not your inclination to expend undue attention to the giantess with just a hint, just a couple strategic curves will suffice. And you are making things different, with your array of handsome little beef-pies. No one can begrudge you that, least of all because you do it so well.

        But that really is one of the greatest tongues I’ve seen anywhere.

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        1. Lovecraftian? That’s great. I’d prefer to modify my feelings about my name if I can see it in an eldritch-y light. I did add the “Or Else” tagline that adds that veiled, meaningless threat I like so much. I’m well pleased with your interpretation of my name.

          Yes, those associations exist and the word has changed, but I’m still thinking about it. I’m not so well-known that a rebranding would meaningfully affect traffic to my creative efforts, but not so anonymous that I would not feel the effect. And there’s all that work involved. And I’m still going to talk about tentacles! Anyways, still pondering.

          Ah, yes. The waves. You see it too. The metamorphosis would eventually take, because it must. But is it so desirable that we must do all the work necessary for it to occur? 🤔

          “Aborigen” always struck me as meaning “inhabitant of a place where giants exist” and somehow transplanted into this realm when you clearly are native of some size land.

          Of course I knew about that Mexican group that plays hideous music, so when I first saw your name I wondered if you were a fan. 🤢

          Thank you, and yes, the giantess is the land, sky, sea, background, and the tiny man is who I’m mostly going to focus on when I draw.

          And I’m happy you like the tongue! I’m satisfied with the way it turned out.

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