Feeble Attempts


I was going to publish this days ago, but every time I reread it I felt it was far too lewd for my innocent blog. That’s not the content I like to publish, so my words are being edited to display mild thoughts only. Super mild. You might as well not read this. Go watch a “Baby Boss” episode. More action there.

Also, I could have just published this without going into how it was this and now it’s that, but what can I say? I was feeling share-y.

Feeble Attempts

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    1. Thank you, toy. It was one of my earliest attempts at drawing and these days it would look a lot different, but I’m actually pleased about it, considering I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. : )

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  1. “You must be this short to go on this ride.”

    Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how tinies kept in close proximity to or directly on a giant’s person must get acclimated to the giant’s scents, sounds, and movements, until they begin to think of the giant as a place, as their home. Even if the giant is keeping them against their will, even if they remember their larger life, they get used to the pocket or purse or wherever they are kept, such that familiarity comes to feel like safety.

    This was very sad. I feel bad for both of them.

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    1. I flicked a switch on this one, and did the unthinkable. It was opposite day, I think. And I like to try everything at least once when I write. That includes sad stories, and this is not the only, or last one. : D

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    1. Thank you very much, meremention! I’m happy you enjoyed it. I like it too, and it’s not what I usually write, but why should I keep writing what I usually write, is what I’m thinking these days.


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