The ABCs game – W is for What Happened

Kisses, and much more, happened. (Image: scott_s_ex_girlfriend_17 by johnnyscribe.)

I published this post a few hours ago without realizing I’d already done so last year. I was too exhausted to realize that last night as I’ve had very little sleep lately. I have no idea why I saved a copy as a draft if I had published it, but now I’ve fixed this post and the old one. Some of what I wrote in the body of the former will be repeated in the story I wrote last night for the latter, and if you have any concerns about that or feel upset about my hacking from Peter to copy Paul, please let me know at 1-800-GIANTESS.

What Happened

13 thoughts on “The ABCs game – W is for What Happened

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    1. And mine as well! “Kisses” (now retitled “What Happened” because I’d forgotten I already published the text of this post last year) is brand new, written in the wee hours of this morning. Thank you very much! : )

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  1. That’s what I keep telling myself when I don’t feel like going swimming in the morning: This might be the day that she finds me.

    “You want to know how she’s choosing them, don’t you?” Why “uglyful”?

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    1. That’s awesome. She’s probably choosing them based on how they swim. : D

      “Uglyful” is just my way of describing the looks towards which I’ve always gravitated. I’ve never felt attracted to men that are thought of as typically “handsome”. I’m actually indifferent or somewhat repelled by them, in fact. Example: as a teenager, whenever I developed a crush on anyone and shared my heart’s delight with a friend or relative, their invariable response was puzzlement, laughter, and in some cases, derision. Tsk.

      Uglyful = ugly but beautiful.

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      1. I hope she likes frog-kicks.

        It’s well-known how someone with an “unconventional” appearance can grow (heh) on you. I have often thought that the right attitude is more important than an “attractive” appearance when looking for a long-term giant partner. In time, their giant features will become as natural and welcome as the sky.

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        1. I’m sure frog-kicks will be your undoing.

          Yeah. The notion of a tiny man who’s rejected for adoption or toyhood because of his appearance but then is seen for something beyond his looks, is the kind of “beauty and the beast” trope I simply can’t resist.

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    1. Congratulations! That probably means you’re going to be shrunk soon, maybe even tonight, and it’s likely it’s already happened, in which case you’ll not be able to read this response. 🤔

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  2. Aaa! It’s the seventies again, when people are ‘picked up’ at the supermarket. All the more reason to to visit TJ, just a thirty minute drive from here. Nicely done, kisses included, a fine tale.

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    1. Thank you, meremention. Isn’t that still happening? Or are supermarkets no longer the target for such activities? I really don’t know. TJ is such a nice store I can’t help but think nice events such as those described in my story must happen there too. : )

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