Tuesday Night News…


A new banner?

No. Never. Yesterday I was taking pics of myself for future drawing reference, and decided on a couple I’m going to use soon. As I stared at them I wondered how it would feel to use one of them as a Twitter banner. The idea made me extremely uncomfortable, but I decided to try it anyway and see how long I could stand it. It went on for about three minutes before I took it down. My heart was pounding and my stomach started doing painful flips. Merely including the extremely blurred and indistinct screen cap above makes my heart race. That level of sharing is not for me. I don’t know how any of you out there do it! I’ve always preferred sharing such things with one person only. I don’t know if that makes me silly or strange, but it’s how I roll. In any case, there’s no shortage of size imagery out there, and no need to add that sort of drop to the ocean.


I’m moving it in different directions, trying to keep from writing the same thing again and again, knowing I can’t stay completely away from it because it’s too much a part of who I am. I’m now in the editing stages of my first paid commission ever. That was a new feeling. Years ago I thought I’d never write for anyone but myself, and recently I changed my mind. Why? Refusal to stagnate. Refusal to plow the same field. Making myself try something new. I ended up writing something I like a lot, and I had fun experiencing a completely different writing experience from what I’ve lived so far.


I’m not drawing these days. That’s probably the reason why I took those selfies, to see if they inspired anything. They did. I love them. As soon as I solve some difficult RL entanglements currently kicking my ass (send me your good thoughts, please), I’ll start drawing again. I miss it, and I like what I produce, despite what my one detractor claims:



Don’t look it up.


I love it.




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  1. I’m still disappointed I never got to see the banner. Timing, and all: usually I’m glued to social media but it happened that I was having dinner with my mom for Memorial Day that evening. I’ll assume it was amazing and find ways to console myself for having missed out on the spectacle.

    But yeah, even if I were born a cute woman, I don’t know how I’d feel about breaking into showing my body off and titillating strangers. But then I’d have completely different views and understanding of the world.

    I’m excited for your commission! I hope it feels like a natural process, because it could be fun and exciting. But if it’s not, hey, at least you made the attempt and learned something about yourself, and you know definitively where you stand. I admire the hell out of you for making any attempt to try something new and break out of stagnation.

    That stupid troll. That ignorant, unlikable troll. That’s all he has, you know, cut-n-pasting the same message in hundreds of users’ inboxes. He has nothing else going on in his life at all. He doesn’t produce anything and he won’t be missed when he’s gone. Normally I’d blow this incident off but he took a shot at my friend and that pisses me off.

    My favorite butcher also happens to make astounding soup. So if you ever make your way out here, stomping up north past MI and WI, I can set you up nicely.

    And I can’t hear “chode” without imagining Wonder Years, except that thick-headed older brother’s term of choice was “scrote,” but it’s about the same level of maturity and imagination.

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you were out having a tasty meal, though. Posting it felt too stressful for me to discern any amazitude, but thank you for saying that. The drawing will be amazing.

      It feels like a different process from anything I’ve ever done, which has always been centered around my own joy… not to say that writing this story didn’t bring me joy, because it did. It just felt so peculiar and new. Not against my nature, but certainly a new brain pathway to follow. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words, dear friend.

      I get the distinct feeling I’ve seen similar comments before, so I’m sure I’m not the only DA member he’s treated this way. I assure you he made me feel nothing but arched amusement, and once again, thank you for your expressed statement of support! It means a lot to me.

      You got it! But please include about two hundred of those crusty baguettes. Even though I don’t really eat bread anymore, every time I think about them my mouth waters.


  2. I feel the same way. The number of folks who’ve seen my image are extremely few. Which is good for society in general, because it’s not that impressive an image.

    Good luck with the commissions. While I’ve never taken pay for a story, I have written stuff to the specification of others. It makes for a nice creative challenge. And provides insights into what others like.

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    1. I used to visit a board that shut down a few years ago. The night before it went down a few of us were there chatting, and some of the members posted their real pictures as their pfp. I was shocked to discover there is no telling size birthmark we all possess, prominently displayed on our foreheads. No size mole, no size tattoo. We all look like people.

      Thank you! I hope the commissioner is pleased with my writing. : D


  3. I did little-to-no roleplaying when I was on Tumblr, but I still got the occasional (anonymous) request for a photo or just some basic physical details. I understand the curiosity, but I had to decline. Mainly, in order for me to feel free to write what I want, I can’t permit the possibility that, say, my employer might someday identify me.

    I also indulged the rather conceited opinion that I wanted my writing to stand for itself, that my physical details might distort or distract from that. I’m pretty much over this, but I still think people are better off projecting their imagination onto me.

    I realize women and men have some different concerns approaching this issue, so I can’t say my calculus is the same as yours. Nevertheless, I sympathize with your ultimate decision.

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    1. The thought of one’s place of work being somehow privy to one’s private activities is quite alarming. A single photo can cost almost everything. I’m glad you’ve kept yourself safe.

      I know that people want to show themselves and I pass no judgment against them or think them reckless. If it works for them and they find it fun, that’s great.

      While I share your concerns to a certain degree, I also don’t want anyone in my family somehow stumbling upon this blog and making out this or that physical feature, figuring out it’s me. There’s very little chance of that… but it’s not impossible.

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  4. For the same reason as Olo… as long as I need to be gainfully employed, my social media footprint is carefully guarded and curated. If I recall, Giantess Tina put up a document (online safety guide?) for Ye Giantessians, and one of the cardinal rules was NO PICTURES (you have to say that in an Edna Mode voice, re: no capes! ) So I think you made the absolutely right call. Also- good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts!

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    1. Sharing one’s picture is more a matter of choice that must be weighed carefully. I’d never say “no pictures” because I have shared mine a handful of times, with people I trust who have reciprocated in kind. But generally speaking, when we’re dealing with people who don’t see you as a person but just some size entity, I completely agree. No pictures. No personal info. No crucial data. Nada.

      Thank you, shrunk. Thank you for the good thoughts. : )

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