Touched – 1


This is a new series. It consists of words to be read. Those words are SFW right now. For now. It won’t stay that way. Right now it’s safe and cozy.


4 thoughts on “Touched – 1

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  1. This is enchanting. The internal dialogue really drew me in, and the challenge of reading his body language makes me hang on every world. I know we share the same mania, but I think any reader would be twitching to hold him after this.

    I hope “careful to avoid touching it with the length of her chins” is an unfortunate typo. “Talcum power” is cool, though.

    “What sort of doomsday device is a tiny man?” The best sort.

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  2. Truly delightful. I love the mystery of the whole thing! How was he made this way? Why did she receive him? Is she being monitored? Does she get another if he dies? If he lives, how long does she get to keep him? Good job to you, too, to accurately represent a woman who (initially) is freaked out by this bizarre little being and has no attraction to him. That will change, but the transition is nice. This was a lot of fun to read.

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    1. Thank you!I know the answers to some of those questions, and others are still unknown/unseen. I’m very interested in writing about this woman, the oddity that doesn’t want to entangle herself with a tiny man, but is still sensible enough to be curious. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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