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The reason behind this poll is secret and the entire future of everything depends on the answers. All questions appear innocent in nature but behind them lies a tremendous purpose. This crucial poll is designed to register devices but not IP addresses, so you’ll only be able to answer it once from wherever you are. I set it up to do that because the other time I ran a poll I had no such restrictions and someone thought it hilarious to answer it several times.

Once you’ve answered these simple, size-related questions, you’ll feel suffused with a sense of obtuse purpose, and perhaps quiet sleepiness. That is normal. It’s not boredom. If the feeling persists, recite the Underprayer a couple of times and you’ll be fine.

This is the poll.

I’ll let it run for a period of time wholly dependent on speed of response acquisition. I’ll present a cohesive analysis of all responses a reasonable period of time after the poll closes. I look forward to reading your answers, forcing them to mean something, and sharing that final shape with you. I’m rather positive its purpose relates to writing, and to whatever story is forming in my mind.

4 thoughts on “Underquestions

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    1. Well, I wanted it to be a short survey, and slightly silly. I mean, what info am I getting from the sliding bar, anyway? Thank you for answering, Balore! I look forward to reading every response. : )


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