Rule No. 548 – No Clothes


I like writing down these things in a google doc now. They are not wholly exposed that way, as they would be if I simply start typing up stuff in here.

The abover drawing happened on its own, a few minutes after I decided I was going to draw a giantess and a normal-sized man. I still did, in my heart. The rules also apply to someone that’s never shrunk yet is found in the irretrievable possession of someone incredibly tall.

It looks like I’m writing about someone that was significantly reduced in size, and against their will… but don’t let your eyes deceive you. The rule applies regardless of height.

Rule No. 548 – No Clothes

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  1. We keep talking about a rulebook, but nothing is more impressive and clarifying than hands-on instruction.

    I like to think she imparted a special emphasis when she said the word “digest.”

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