Why couldn’t a very tiny man send a cap flying off the bottle just like giants can?


I was going to draw this, but then I thought of using my Pixton mutant skills to portray my thoughts on the matter, which are always slanted in the same direction.

How does a meme affect a tiny man?

How can a meme be influenced by a giantess?

Who the hell came up with the word “meme”? It’s so gross to sound it out. Worse than “moist” or “poignant”. The etymology pisses me off too. Never mind things that piss me off, plentiful as they are at the moment. Right now I’m showing you a world where I visit the Internet and see all those clips of people messing with bottle caps. How can I help getting in on the action with the tiny man that shares that other-existent world with me?

He’s happy to cooperate, even if he never took a minute of martial-arts training (the way I did).

he doesn’t stop until that cap flies off the bottle, and I have the footage to prove it. When I publish it, it has more views than any video on Earth. How can it not? Who wouldn’t watch a tiny man sweep the leg?

Over and over again.

You know you would.

In that world, that tiny man is proud and happy, as I am.

8 thoughts on “Why couldn’t a very tiny man send a cap flying off the bottle just like giants can?

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  1. Tinies would be YouTube superstars, of course. Some of us just end up being put through degrading obstacle courses, but the natural performers among us are hosts in our own right. I’ve never kicked a bottle cap off, but you wouldn’t believe how much leverage my fingers and wrists can exert.

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    1. That is, of course, the world part of me lives in.

      I can see degrading courses, but I also see self-indulgent YTers, spoiled and oblivious to their place in the world until they go too far.

      Hey, if you can use your fingers and wrists to turn a cap off a bottle and put it on YT, who the hell would fault you? Not me.

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  2. I think even if he can send a cap flying off the bottle, that couldn’t satisfy his male ego because he is so small and he is trying this in a palm like we see in the picture above.

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      1. It might not be that big a challenge. Square cube law and all. I haven’t the first clue to calculate the force needed though, so much for theorizing.

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