The Daily Sticky

What a helpful suggestion!

No, not that stic… oh, brother. Get your mind out of the gutter! I don’t have time for this. What I mean by “daily sticky” is the idea of a tiny person leaving a sticky note for a normal-sized person to find somewhere in their home, when they have absolutely no idea a tiny person is living with them. The original idea was for me to leave sticky notes for a small man to find, and I think I’ll do that sometimes.

No, not for real! I’ll just write a message on a sticky note, and take a picture of it, then put the paper with other recyclables, and not place it somewhere for a tiny man to find. You must think I’m mad if you imagine I’ll actually do the latter. Don’t you roll your eyes at me! Where was I? Oh, yes…

I wonder if part of my inspiration comes from the fact that I went to Costco and bought a big package of sticky notepads that will last me until the turn of the century, since I never leave sticky notes to anyone but myself, and I seldom do that. I actually bought the pack to try to do comic layouts with them, and someday I might still do that.

The following sticky note is from a very tiny man that only measures two inches in height. He was born that way, and at some point in his youth he abandoned the warren that had always been his home to search for adventure in the big world. He found it in the first house into which he slipped when he took one look at the woman that occupied it. He endeavored to remain undiscovered until he found trouble brewing in hidden places. Who knows what he* will write next.

I’m going to have to practice writing smaller, straighter, cuter words.

*Names have been blurred to protect the identity of people that have kidnapped and shrunk missing persons.

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          1. A long time ago I “invented” a trap to catch people to shrink. I’d place a device in a cardboard box that made the sound of a distressed kitten, and I’d put that box somewhere relatively isolated, like a hiking path, and wait for a hapless individual to come upon it and desire to rescue the obviously abandoned kitten. Then I’d made my move. Right now it sounds so Ted Bundy, but do I care?


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  1. This is inspired! Got me thinking of the notes I would leave.
    – thanks for the silk hammock
    – you just ran out of chocolate
    – i knitted this sweater from your hair (no, not that hair)
    – we borrowed your phone to order pizza

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    1. These are all the equivalent of leaving the peanut butter in the refrigerator empty, after finishing it off, ya know? They bring out the Bugs Bunny in me. Of course you realize this means war.

      The last one is the funniest to me, because I infer [and your credit card] when I see it. “They” are in for a world of trouble. : D

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