Not much to say here. If you like to see more of my drawings, they can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/unterkalmar/gallery/?catpath=/ And sometimes I publish my sketches and WIPs here: https://twitter.com/SquidArtLit That's all she wrote (nearly literally—I'm writing about 250 words a day). Have a good weekend!

Happy Anniversary, Undersquid!

I've looked at previous blog anniversary entries, and I see how a lot of things have changed. I'm drawing this year, I'm not writing as much this year, last year I felt I should have written much more during the year before, and now I don't really care anymore. I have over one hundred and... Continue Reading →

Huh? Vore Day?

Apparently so. The above is a sketch for my 2019 Vore Day drawing. I'm currently unaware of how I'll publish it (and the accompanying 2K-word, Bukowskiian poem), if at all. I'll figure that out as soon as I emerge from my current pondering state. A Mouthplay Skippy  <--not yet a link. Happy Vore Day, or... Continue Reading →

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