Happy Vore Day!

Click on the image to see the uncensored version.

I found out about Vore Day the year before last, or maybe I knew about it before, but I hadn’t applied my brand of consumption to it. I’ve joked about those crazy vore people almost for as long as I’ve been online, but only because the subtext is that I’m one of them. There is one marked distinction in the way I feel about devouring a person, and it’s that he must be my tiny little guy. I don’t want to eat anyone else. The very idea is slightly disgusting.

Unless I’m feeling particularly dark, but let’s not talk about that. I started the image above at some point before August 8th of 2019, and I finished it in the Spring of 2020. With it (and with its progress gif and link to a poem* found below), I wish you a very happy Vore Day, though how such a day is to be celebrated is impossible to say. I typically draw something for it that takes me many months to complete; then I start writing something for it that takes me slightly longer to finish, then I post both works here and retire to the bedroom so I can consume my little toy.

Not necessarily with my mouth.

A Mouthful


*The poem, titled “A Mouthful”, is 864 words long. The trigger warnings (or spoilers, as I like to call them) are here. Click on the link if you prefer to know what you’re getting into when you read vore material.

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  1. And when’s the Gentle Handheld day? I would most certainly enjoy celebrating that. Preferably by finding myself in the middle of someone’s palm. Someone gentle and caring, that is. Yos.

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    1. One should be created, of course. Many of us would enjoy celebrating it, that’s for sure. When it happens, I wish you every palmy joy! : D

      What’s “yos”? It looks like a version of “yes”. Is that what kids are saying these days?


  2. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen quite this position/posture in a vore image before. Many tongue embrace scenarios involve the prey being pressed against the palate, presumably to maximize the taste sensations to the pred. Of course, that configuration is typically poorly lit and thus difficult to depict, and the risk of swallowing is greater.

    Here our pred still has a way to press the little guy into her tongue, but the risk of swallowing is much smaller. She’s also well-positioned to catch him if he somehow slips off her tongue. She can also feel his back and butt as he writhes, but that’s of little consquence.

    Is that Tengwar on her ring?

    I liked “A Mouthful” very much. Free verse seems well-suited for our times, when our attention is fragmented and the cadence of repetition and breaks are needed to shape what is meaningful and true. Some thoughts, once tasted, never really fade. I feel I know this predator.

    Vore can satisfy a variety of appetites, and there are many at work here. Pursuit and possession, as always, but this time it is primarily vengeance. No teasing or taunting or gloating, just the satisfaction of inflicting the ultimate defeat.

    like a lady

    Because I have a nasty mind, I want to read about the final, lady-like disposal.

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    1. That is why I started drawing size images. What I want to see is what I end up creating. And I found out last year tongues are really fun to draw. All that texture!

      The things that are of little cosquence are often the most important ones to show.

      Yes, it is! Only two people have noticed that, and you’re the second one.

      Thank you. I wrote it last year, and abandoned it until recently. I’d forgotten it, and some parts of it were startling to recollect. You’ve met her before, in other writings.

      In some of the stories I’m still writing, vore is also salvation, and it’s probably one of my favorite roles for it.

      I was reading on Twitter that there has been some vore kink-shaming, which I’ve not spotted at all. I’d like to see anyone try.

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      1. It seems clear that the narrator was saved here.

        So what does the Tengwar say?

        It is impossible to overstate my indifference to the opinions of Twitter randos. All my shame comes from within.

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