Huh? Vore Day?


Apparently so.

The above is a sketch for my 2019 Vore Day drawing. I’m currently unaware of how I’ll publish it (and the accompanying 2K-word, Bukowskiian poem), if at all. I’ll figure that out as soon as I emerge from my current pondering state.

A Mouthplay Skippy  <–not yet a link.

Happy Vore Day, or whatever.

2 thoughts on “Huh? Vore Day?

Add yours

  1. And when’s the Gentle Handheld day? I would most certainly enjoy celebrating that. Preferably by finding myself in the middle of someone’s palm. Someone gentle and caring, that is. Yos.

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    1. One should be created, of course. Many of us would enjoy celebrating it, that’s for sure. When it happens, I wish you every palmy joy! : D

      What’s “yos”? It looks like a version of “yes”. Is that what kids are saying these days?


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