Happy Anniversary, Undersquid!


I’ve looked at previous blog anniversary entries, and I see how a lot of things have changed. I’m drawing this year, I’m not writing as much this year, last year I felt I should have written much more during the year before, and now I don’t really care anymore. I have over one hundred and fifty story drafts, most of them undeveloped, unfinished ideas I’ve recently been taking up in documents of varying lengths. My unfinished stories contain many thousands of words and that’s a good thing, because last year I had nothing to show for all those drafts. I’m getting somewhere, although where that is, no one knows.


I’m not going to bother posting blog stats because I stopped looking at them a while back, but here’s an image about page views. Wait a minute! My missing countries have gone from 50 to 48! Who’s visited? Oh, my… this I have to know. Well, that deserves a post of its own at a later time. The thing to know is that there are now only forty-eight countries in the world where my blog has never been visited. At this rate I’ll have covered the entire planet with my online presence in about a century. I can think of far worse goals for myself, but I think that one is more easily accomplished if I take the trouble of visiting those countries and logging on from where people are allowed internet access. The Vatican has likely blocked places like these. Don’t want the Pope looking at enormous ladies or whatever.

Three years in a row, this comic has continued to be the most viewed image in my blog, I have no idea why, but now I see that the image below is four clicks away from taking first place as my most viewed image. I’m glad, because it’s one I spent a long time creating, including the easter eggs no one has noticed. : )


The image I think deserves the Most Viewed sash hasn’t been published because I haven’t finished drawing it, and when I post it, it will only be seen by a handful of people because that’s the way of things when I create the distinctly niche things I create. Happy anniversary to me, and to the immense amount of energy I’ve spent building a world with a single, gigantic inhabitant.

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  1. Congrats, Squid. I date my “activation” in the size community from the day I made an account on Giantess City, and that was only nine years ago. Of course I was lurking for far longer, but community is as community does.

    I absolutely adore the image embedded above, and I’m glad it’s getting so many views. It captures a lot of your unique size philosophy, and it deserves to be cherished.

    I’m still a little puzzled why our paths didn’t cross before they did, but I am very grateful they finally did. Cheers.

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    1. By that reckoning, my date of activation was somewhere mid 2004, when I made my first account at Shrunken Boy’s board as “Shrinking Violet”. Thankfully almost no one confused me for a tiny person because of that name… probably because the DC super-hero by the same name can grow to colossal sizes.

      Thank you for your nice words about my comic. It was cathartic to create, and I put a lot of love in it. I don’t know why we’d not heard about each other before. Everybody knew you! But I did leave the scene for a long time, and when I came back I didn’t really make an effort to get to know anyone. I just plunged right back into writing. I’m glad our paths have crossed too. You are one of my favorite writers, and a very good egg.

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  2. Congrats! Anniversaries make good moments for reflection. No idea why this is, people should reflect all the time, otherwise a lot of mirrors end up on the dole.

    It’s been fun following the changing directions of your creative explorations. Ignore any hint of envy on my part for your skills at illustrative art forms. Ignore it!

    Oh yes, and hunt down those recalcitrant countries that having gotten on board yet. Make them submit to your goodness. Maybe some kind of handed out flyers or a bake sale would do the trick (look of pondering).

    But most of all, thanks for being you, and sharing yourself with us… ^^

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    1. Though I’ve been reflecting for weeks, I agree with you. I’ve also been taking stock, and pondering. Speaking of mirrors, when I was a young girl I used to break them just to test the bad luck thing. Results are inconclusive. Might need to break more things.

      Thank you, Scott. It’s great to watch you follow your own path and to read your new stories. I vote for continued collaborative projects with Aphrodite, that big softie.


  3. Eleven years ago! Where has the time gone?

    I know where it’s gone: on an inexorable conveyor belt, whisking the years away from the check-in counter and into the inscrutable darkness of baggage loading. How is 1998 not four years ago…

    I’m glad you’re here. Your blog, on hiatus as I found it, was what motivated me to build my blog. The idea that there was a woman out there who was an actual giantess told me to amp up my game: fair heart was never won by sitting on one’s ass and pining in a dark, messy 1BR apartment, wishing things were different. If you hadn’t built your library… I can’t imagine how differently the community would look today. You bring heart and soul and tears into it, blood and fire.

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    1. I don’t know. My life was so different eleven years ago. Great, in some ways.

      Thank you for these warms words, and for your friendship. These are hard times right now, but we’re making do, and putting one foot in front of the other every single day. We’re not quitters, nor are we pining in the dark.

      Here’s to a million more words from you, from me, and from the rest of us that put these worlds together.

      I’m experiencing actual growth with my drawing. I don’t know if my writing will ever come back, but if it doesn’t, I’ll go on in some other way.

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  4. Hey, congrats friend. That’s quite a milestone. Regarding countries, I don’t keep track but I did get a view from Sweden yesterday (Blue Jay Yay). And they don’t even have Blue Jays there :0 I like your art too, so whatever you want to post, I’m happy.

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    1. Thank you, friend. We’ve known each other far longer than my blog has existed, and that’s another milestone. Here’s to many more meatball sandwiches! :D

      Yay for Sweden! I wonder what they were looking for… Your blog doesn’t contain the sort of things that might make a hapless visitor go rinse out their eyes after innocently searching for brownie recipes, the way mine does… but it’s still fun to find out those little details.

      Thank you! I’m currently taking a 20-minute break from a drawing.

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