Inktober 2019

If everyone has failed to tell you what Inktober is, here’s the answer.

Why do I bother drawing images of giant women with tiny men? Most of you don’t have the compulsion to create “size material”. Most of you coast on what others create, and I could easily slide into that category, but I don’t (well, at least not completely). I sit here, in my bedroom, in bed, or in my living room, and I draw. I ink. I create images that mean a lot to me.

These last two Octobers, those images have been created using ink. I’m getting better at wielding the medium. These are my first five Inktober 2019 drawings.

1 – Ring

Because I decided to make every single Inktober prompt related to size, ring was to relate to it somehow. It took me a few minutes to decide what to draw, but once I did, I was off. I’ve always wanted to depict the things a giantess does to celestial bodies in a playful manner, not making “evil” faces, but smiling with joy. I figure that’s what I’d do, if I grew that tall. Maybe one day I will.


2 – Mindless

I used a photo of my face and another one of my hand to use as references for Mindless. I don’t look like a zombie and I have all my skin, but there is something of me in there. I love reading zombie novels, graphic or otherwise, so this image had to be done. One of these days I’ll write their story.


3 – Bait

What’s the one certain way to lure a tiny man out of its hiding place and into the open? Chocolate! Duh. I went to the grocery store and did something I never do: I bought a bag of cheap candy. I wanted to use one of the bite-sized chocolate pieces as a reference for this drawing, since I had no idea how to draw reflective material such as candy wrap. It was fun! I added color to this image so that the type of candy would be recognizable. Then, my son and I ate a lot of the disgusting candy before I got a hold of myself and threw it away. I don’t even like candy! But I love chocolate. If I ever see a giantess trap and the lure happens to be chocolate, I’ll be captured for sure.


4 – Freeze

There’s a story I plan to write about this little snowflake guy, but before I do, I’d like to fix this drawing. There are no snowflakes in nature that look like that, and his torso is too long, and he’s not centered well on the page… mostly because I was going to draw other tiny snow people drifting down. It would have taken me much longer to complete the drawing, but once I create a digital version, the process will be much faster. It’s a story I love, full of romance, action, intrigue, and tons of size hanky-panky.


5 – Build

That steel beam was fun to draw. I love thinking how easy it would be for me to erect an entire building without the help of cranes and heavy machinery, enlisting only the assistance of expert little electricians and plumbers that take care of the little details I can’t manage because my fingers are too huge.

For more drawings, visit my Deviant Art page. Or not. I’m still going to post all my Inktober drawings here, at various points in the future.

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