Inktober 2019 – 2


I graduated from collaging tiny people with “giant” pets to drawing them together, something I wanted to do for years. When I saw “husky” was a prompt, I wasted not the chance to draw a tiny man and a canine companion.

There’s a story in my head about a woman that loves her dog and takes him to the dog park every day. One of those days, a tiny man who’s running late for work thinks the park is closed that day, and he tries to cut through it to save time.

He meets face to face with this enormous, terrifying, furry creature, his human not far behind. Fortunately for our tiny hero, the furball is friendly. When his human catches up with him, she and the tiny man meet and deep lust ensues. Then they have tons of sex, get married, have a gazillion babies and live happily ever after.



Someday I’ll shrink someone, and not just anyone. He’ll be special, a man selected very carefully. He’ll be kind, honorable, resilient, and brave. He’ll want to please me, make me smile, and more often than not, he’ll strive to avoid causing me unhappiness.

He’ll like food, love animals and never laugh or joke about children in distress. His legs will be shapely and his nose will be large. He won’t be racist or prejudiced in any important way. He’ll like to drink sometimes, especially when I make him do it.

He’ll be loyal, dedicated, and interested in various things. He will not back away like a coward when I approach him with lewd size intentions, he’ll not run the other way when I talk to him about shrinking him, and he’ll be there for me the way I’ll be there for him after I shrink him. Because he’s enchanting.



This is not the first time I emulate Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” with a feminine hand reaching for a very tiny, clearly male hand. I could easily title it “Creation of Toy” because I imagine it’s the moment immediately after shrinking a man, when I reach for him, right before my hand swallows his body, when he’s transformed, reborn as Toy.

Unfortunately I must draw his tiny hand far larger than it would truly be because drawing with a charcoal or lead pencil only allows for a limited amount of detail… but one of these days I’ll create a digital version so I can show to the world what my hand looks like when it reaches for the body of a two-inch tall man toy.

He is frail when compared to me, of course… but I’m still going to treat him as the sturdy little object of pleasure that he’s finally become. I won’t break his body, maybe bend it sometimes, but not in ways I can’t repair with tender, loving care and rest.



I’m not going to try to explain this one. Suffice it to say, I love to ride a bike when I own one. And it’s not as though I’m going to leave my little guy behind when I go have bouncy fun on the trail.



This one is mostly my following a reference image to continue learning about muscles in the male body, and the expression of a very dear wish: When I finally shrink someone, I’m going to tattoo his true name somewhere on his skin.

I’m not a monster. If he’s allergic to ink, I’ll have temporary tattoos made to order, so I can create the same effect. A pointless effort, because he’s going to be damp or soaking wet most of the time.

Oh, well. Life is full of disappointments, but I’m never going to complain about this particular wish going unfulfilled. There will be so much more going on that’s exactly what I want, and many more ways to brand a toy than with a playful tattoo. I’ll use all those ways to mark his skin with me.

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  1. I remember (most of) these. I like enjoying them on their own first and then later reading your internal narrative, which is somehow both familiar and surprising.

    Those are some nice hands in “Frail.” Yeah, hers isn’t stopping there.

    Your narrative for “Enchanted” provokes a question: You don’t shy away from obedience training unwilling toys, and sometimes I wonder if you don’t prefer breaking them in. Would you accept a toy who is completely willing, never utters a word of dismay or regret, and doesn’t require a single word of correction from you?

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    1. Thank you.

      Many years ago, when I first felt confusion and horror about my size fantasies, when I thought I was going insane because no one else in the world thought about these things, my favorite companion was a friend who had been born tiny, for whom I developed deeper feelings. That evolved into thoughts of marrying that tiny man, sharing my life with him, and treating him like the man he was for a portion of the time, while at other times he was to understand my penchant for transforming him into a toy. All of that is somewhat documented in what I’ve been blogging all this time.

      Does that mean that “little husband” is completely willing? Nope. I’ve always maintained I’m going to shrink someone with a spine. One I can bend, not break.

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