Inktober 2019 – 5


What inspired this image? I only vaguely remember finding an image of a couple kissing, and picturing a happy little guy in the middle of that action. The above is my favorite kind of polycule, and the only one I’ve considered for myself. Ya know, in the future, when shrinking is discovered. All else that pertains to this image is encapsulated in this here blog entry.

22 –  Ghost

This piece will be drawn digitally, because it’s too damn hard to put it down in ink when so much of it flows in and out of darkness, as many ghostly images must. But, just think poltergeist, the friendly size version. I wish I had time to draw everything I want to draw, when I want to draw it. I will get to this one, however. It is very close to my heart, and very true to me.


Eh, this drawing is mapped out, but not drawn. I haven’t had the time to get to this low-priority drawing, but I surely will as soon as I… want to. Also, as soon as I decide what it should be about. I have two choices. One is impolitic to the elderly, and another one depicts my favorite monster in fiction and film. Can anyone guess who that is? No, of course not. Everyone’s brain is too small. : D



I started writing a story about this image… or maybe this chicken was before that egg. I’ve since then misplaced the story somewhere in the depths of my google drive. It’s definitely one I aim to finish someday. It’s about whatever it seems to be, if the viewer knows a single thing about me. For the uninformed, that “single thing” is that I’m fond of spirits, from time to time, and I’m fond of the idea of partaking of such with the person I will one day shrink. The one thing I’ve yet to decide is if I’ll publish the pertaining story for my Patreon audience, or for everyone. In any case, there’s the drawing.



Another image with a story, this one was fun to start by hand, and finish digitally. All I can say about this drawing is that it isn’t what it looks like. Oh, and another thing: anyone truly considering becoming smaller in the future (when the technology becomes available) doesn’t really intend to do it if they are not currently practicing holding their breath for increasinly longer periods of time.

At the moment I’m only publishing the above, and the actual image will be posted at my discretion, whenever I write the connected story. Soon, I declare optimistically.

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