Inktober 2019, Day 20, “Tread”

I was doing very well with my Inktober drawings this year, then I got stuck for a few days. Once I restarted I was so behind that I knew I would not complete the prompts by the end of the month.

I was fine with that, as I do Inktober for fun and not to agonize over daily prompt completions, but also because I wanted to take enough time to execute my twentieth prompt carefully. I decided to make it (and a few other prompts) Patreon* exclusive.

I haven’t decided when or if I’ll ever release all those works to the rest of my viewers. The image will likely be added to my DA account in a couple of weeks, but the story will remain a Patreon-only perk until I’m comfortable sharing it elsewhere. I don’t think that time will ever come, given how I feel about it.

I still plan to add free works to my blog when I want. For those interested, the title of my Patreon story is “Crush” and trigger warnings are not needed because I only have two Patreon subscribers, but I’ll add them here later. : D Suffice it to say, I could onlt write it when completely wasted, **


*I created a Patreon account, and I have no idea if it serves any purpose. I don’t hear very positive things about Patreon. I only know I’d like to know if I can make enough money as a creator to cover some of the costs I incur buying art materials and size stuff for future projects.

**like tright now that I just finished the darn thing, it wasnt easy! it’s a story that makes me all emotional and watot. Crush as a kink is very personal and specil to me,

P.S. When I’m wasted and watch “The Office”, Jim Halpert seems like the most evil character on the show. Just think about it.

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  1. Then just continue to draw and let the writing happen when it happens.

    Writing is like a dam breaking or going on a cleaning frenzy. It’s easy to blow it off, but once you get started, it’s like a chain reaction and it just happens and happens ….

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    1. Unfortunately that’s not what I’ve experienced. I’d like it to be the way you describe, of course. There are things that affect every writer differently, and so they must be managed differently. That’s what I’m doing. : )


  2. Let me know if you need help or “Writing Prompts”. (I discovered at Barnes and Noble various books of “writing prompts”. For instance, science fiction is basically “What if ___________?” and take it from there.

    So, here’s one for you:

    Suppose you had previous “Toys” who escaped and are mounting a rescue mission to get save your latest “Toy”. What would happen?

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    1. Thank you, that sounds great! I may enlist your help in the future with that.

      However, any prompt about escaping toys is exactly the kind of prompt I need the least at this point in time. I find the subject matter incredibly depressing.


  3. Your continuous support is helpful. Thank you for that. The issues I have with my writing don’t easily lend themselves to normal courses of resolution, partly because I’ve never faced them before, and mostly because I’m unable to share them.

    But the good news is that I’m dealing with them effectively, as my newly completed story demonstrates. Your support, and the support of other readers and my friends is extremely helpful, even if indirectly.


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