Tuesday Night News…

I’m writing a F/m/M story. There’s a quiet voice in my head asking “why?” as the thought of a “big” couple that shares a living sex toy is not something I generally prefer… but the scenario that inspired this story has played in my head before.

When I went back to drawing Inktober works, it took me a few minutes to figure out I wanted to draw that threesome for the “Treasure” prompt. After all, a happy couple stays happy if they know the value of a fully operational tiny man. As I worked on the drawing, the story started forming in my head.

About 4K words into it, I’m not having any problems writing the story, but now that I started editing it, I was surprised to see that I kept using different names for the male character, and didn’t realize I did until tonight.

I’d like some help choosing the “giant” man’s name. Please to help with this poll, open to everyone.


P.S. I just learned that one must log in to vote in a Patreon poll. Bummer.

Those of you that don’t have a Patreon account may vote here:


P.P.S. Y’all stop using my Very Important And Serious Poll for your tomfoolery now! >:P

(Half a day later…)

“Leo” is currently ahead, followed by one “Other” name. I’ll announce the winning choice tonight.

(Later than later…)

The winner is “Leo”. Thank you for all your votes, real or silly. Obviously I could have picked the male character’s name, but sometimes it’s nice to make a game of things. : )

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