The Treasure of a Real Toy

Inktober 2019, Day 21: “Treasure”

Hello there. This is just a carrot-dangling post to announce my latest Patreon posts. Currently, only my subscribers can see the full-sized, uncensored image above, titled “Treasure” after the Inktober prompt I used to name it. I’ll release a small version here and at DA in three, four centuries. I still haven’t given much thought to the timing of my free releases.

Here’s the link for the image only my Patreon subscribers can see:


I also wrote a story to go with the image, as I’m often wont to do. I don’t have categories and tags to classify it in my blog because I’ve never written anything like it. I’ve explored thoughts of giant couples in my head, and I wrote a story many years ago, but it was bloody, gory and extremely cruel. Quite awesome, but not the Undersquid you know, love, and understand. : P

Here’s the link for the 5,615-word long, Patreon-only story I wrote. It has explicit content, and it’s NSFW. There’s a prequel, a “Real Toy” story (and drawing), but I haven’t finished it yet.

“Real Toy 2”

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