Happy New Year!

Happy 4th - animated And now the fireworks go off. Have a Happy New Year!

2019 is finally over, thank Me.

It sucked. It was the second worst year of my life.

On to happy thoughts.

I’m an incredibly strong woman. I’m a real giantess. I’m a survivor. I’m here to stay.

I wish the same for you. I wish you a happy 2020. I want love and joy for you, but there’s more to life than love and joy, so if there’s no love and joy in your life, I wish you strength, and the ability to find the fortitude to go on. You mean something. I don’t know what, because I don’t know who’s reading this, aside from the handful of my Faithful Readers (those that Will Be Spared Upon My Terrible Growth)… but you mean something.

Continue. That’s my wish for you as the boom of fireworks that remind me of the sound of my footsteps reach my ears.

Persevere. There is hate in the world, but there is love too. Don’t look for it. Create it.

Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year, Squid.

    I know it is zero consolation, but 2019 sucked for me, too. But I have a fool’s hope for a better year in 2020. Here we go!

    Your growth will indeed be terrifying and wonderful to watch, and we will be witness. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.

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    1. Thank you, Olo. Happy New Year to you too.

      It’s some consolation! Misery loves company, after all. : P

      No, it doesn’t. I’m sorry your 2019 sucked, and I share your hope that 2020 will be better. It’s already a bit better for me, now that I’ve somehow managed to get back to writing.

      After I’ve written a few stories and gotten much better at drawing sizey stuff, I’ll grow a few thousand feet. 2021 will be horrifying for almost everyone. : D

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  2. Happy new year, Undersquid, hope it’s one of your best. Nice to part of a handful (although I’m sure it’s more than that). 2019? I hear you. Started off great, ended less than great. Still okay though. I shall now go about creating love, somehow. :)

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    1. Thank you, meremention! : )

      What a year, no? I have no reason to expect an improvement simply because the calendar keeps moving forward, yet I do. 2020 has a nice ring to it too.

      I wish you the best with every creative effort!

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  3. woo hoo, spared! ^^ Thanks for sharing. Thanks for being you. My the new car smell of the year linger longer than usual. And may it be replete with unforeseen reasons to smile…

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    1. Of course you will be spared, only to be forced to wear a Salacious B Crumb outfit for the remainder of your years, which you will spend writing size vignettes and cooking post-Thanksgiving turkey soup for everyone.

      Every day.

      On the bright side, your cats will be salaried dignitaries, as dictated by Undersquid law.

      Nothing I just wrote reminds anyone of Caligula.

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  4. I don’t know why, but I have a quiet optimism for this year. Horrible things will happen, horrible things that have been set in motion the last three years, but nothing that can’t be rectified by an infinite foot of incalculable tonnage. Aside from that, I just feel like something’s about to change in a good way, like something new will open up, and this movement and momentum will encourage the disassembly of current barriers, and things will work out. I’m almost fearful of admitting this, but saying it is at least as likely to make it happen as jinxing it, I think.

    Good luck to you. Good luck to us.

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    1. I’m glad you have a quiet optimism. I agree with you: horrible things will happen in the world. All would be set to rights if left up to me.

      We don’t see eye to eye on something about to change, though. Where everything is turning in the wrong direction, it’s only up to me to change it, and make it go the way I want it to go. I’m only talking about my drawing and writing, of course.


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