Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is like a shrunken man
My cooling shadow
Turns to flames when I grab it

I had a nice day today. I saw friends, I laughed, and I created. My mind is rushing with ideas I can’t wait to bring into existence. Stories, drawings, and other kinds of creativity that connect with the woman I really am: the enormous woman that sees it all from here, and wants to rearrange it to suit my wants.

The-Atom_comic.jpgI was only dissapointed when I went to my local used bookstore and tried to find Atom comics, which I’ve recently started to collect. I had no luck, but there was other stuff I really liked, that I think I want to emulate when I start creating my own shrunken-man/giantess comics, coming soon to a website near you.

I’ve started one comic already, and the layout for my second one is complete. I’m completely ignoring the fact that I only started drawing the year before last, and that I have no formal artistic training, and I’m jumping into these activities head first. Sure, yeah. That’s my head. That’s it, for now.

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          1. She’s a normie, alright. One time, one of our “favorite” shrunken men went at her on Twitter, taunting her to write “more giantess” comics. It was as cringey as you can imagine.

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            1. Part of me understands Sargent Cringey. On two different occasions, I asked two IRL people what they’d do if they found themselves tiny in my presence.

              One said they would try to kill me.

              The other one hoped I would protect him.

              They are both right, and I would meet both in the middle.

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                1. I think I only meant that I would not have allowed a tiny person that angry with me to be close to me.

                  And that I might have taken good care of the other person, but probably not all the time.

                  I might think my approach bold, but I didn’t continue either conversation, and let the matter rest.

                  I’m off to put that extraordinary follow-through into writing.

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