Small Changes


You know how it is. You see a piece of artwork that inspires size thoughts, that propels your imagination, and you can picture a tiny person in the artwork, playing the role that fits your fancy.

I decided to go a step further. I started collecting images of rousing art that has nothing to do with giants or tiny people, so that I could later recreate them to suit my giant needs.

This is the first one of such efforts. I spotted the original work on Twitter and I clicked on it immediately, thinking the shape emerging from those enormous panties was a tiny man. It wasn’t. Instead, it was a lighter.

Instead of punching my monitor with righteous disappointment, I bookmarked the pic to use as the reference to bring into being an image I could truly support. As you can see above, that’s what I’ve done. Next time I’ll probably work on extracting the idea more than the style and adapt it to my own without putting so much work into copying details.

But what about the changes? Initially, my idea was to replace the lighter with a tiny man sinking feet first into fabric as he wrestles with fingers that easily pull away his pants or shirt… but when I started working on the preliminary sketch, I decided to let him slip down that soft fabric head first, blind as he feels his speedos one last time, as they are removed from his delicate skin with imposing ease. Also, this (Non-con, domination, F/m, NSFW, 598 words):


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  1. Hi, i am a tiny (male), four inches tall.
    My giantess sub fetish is a giantess who likes to dress in smart attire, such as office wear.
    A lovely smart blouse (especially a satin button up blouse, where the fun is where the giantess undoes a couple of buttons getting ready to put me in her cleavage!).
    A smart skirt, stockings and heels.
    Though the blouse is the most important part of my giantess fantasy!
    Often the giantess is of a more mature lady, maybe someone like a television newsreader, tv presenter, a librarian or secretary.
    Mmm, lovely!
    tiny paul :).

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  2. Hello. Long time fan. I find myself rereading your stories and posts. I was curious. One thing I haven’t seen you explore is what happens with your husband should a lucky little man find his way into your life? Do you keep him around? Is he jealous sharing his wife with her new interactive toy? I’m assuming you wouldn’t hide it from him. Also, would there be any consideration of the little man’s feelings on the matter?

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    1. Hi Ash, and thank you for such nice words! I have written about facets of that scenario. One of such stories was posted for a limited audience, so it makes sense that a long-time reader would think I haven’t explored the topic. I have, and I will continue to do so.

      There is another version of my take on this I’m working on, and the drawing part of it should be available at a future date. Now, as to the answers to your specific questions, I will aks you to be patient and wait for the pertinent blog entry. : )


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