Another Small Change – My Toy

An immutable truth.

Before I delve into this, I’d like to say that if anyone knows the source of the original image, please let me know. I’ve searched for the creative source without success, and I’ll continue to do so until I can credit it. I’m not a monster. Well, not about that.

The original image that inspired this small change has stayed with me from the moment I saw it, for a single reason: the message is wrong. It is haunting in its inaccuracy. That’s why I had to change it to suit my giant thoughts. Ownership doesn’t require a foreshadowing. It doesn’t announce itself. It doesn’t need birthing pains or bombastic proclamations. None of those things are necessary because when someone owns a tiny sex toy, that proprietorship exists without time constrictions. To say “You’ll be my toy” only asserts that the toy doesn’t belong to the speaker at present. What a bizarre concept.

I’m owner. That means I’ve always owned my toy, and I will always own my toy. My ownership encompasses that small being’s existence. Why should I say that it will come into my possession at some point in the future when that sex toy is already mine? It was mine the moment it came into being. It was born mine. It will never cease to be mine. The smirk in the image is right. The framing to show a looming face is correct. The stark contrast between black and white is pleasing. The message is wrong. The right words are, “you are my toy”. 

Here are some accompanying words (gentle, domination, handheld, 919 words). 

You Are My Toy

8 thoughts on “Another Small Change – My Toy

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  1. Ownership doesn’t require a foreshadowing.

    This succinctly locates the flaw in too much of size fantasy, IMO. Tiny dudes are too used to having their perspectives and experiences and desires centered. Why should a giant or giantess have to explain themselves to you? This is why “Do you like that, little man?” is so cringey. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. That’s the point of being giant.

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    1. Agreed. The apparent “reverse” (a tiny dude endlessly asking with feigned curiosity and interest, “what would you do to tiny me?”) is just as cringey.

      Probably not as cringey as munchkin voices, though.

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