What to do when you feel (size) anxious

Calming activities shared with the right toy.

Yesterday I saw an image on Twitter, and the moment I saw it, I knew it would be perfect to edit as one of my Small Changes. This is in no way intended to make light of anxiety, which plagues many of us in varying degrees, and for many reasons. One of those reasons is often the fact that we have fantasies about being giant or small, and stress attends those fantasies. Why? The causes of that stress vary from person to person. What’s also true for many of us is that discussing our size thoughts with likeminded people is often calming, and the feeling after such discussions can be one of utter peace.

The idea of shrinking the one person I want to shrink, the notion of keeping him with me at all times, the thoughts I have of putting him in his place as often as possible, of giving him purpose by employing his smallness in any way I see fit, the waves of positive feelings with which I would flood his life, and the relentless message he would receive that he’s exactly where he’s wanted and needed… those are some of my vehicles for calm. Indulging my thoughts makes my heart race, and then it lulls it, and it gives it peace.

Until shrinking is invented, of course. Then, all hell will break loose for a while. For a few weeks. Maybe months. Well, years.

And the link to the original Pixton comic, which I always include for no apparent reason.

4 thoughts on “What to do when you feel (size) anxious

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  1. Shrinking technology would completely upend human civilization, and you are so selfishly devoted to your own needs that you wouldn’t hesitate to let it happen.

    I can respect that.

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  2. Size thoughts are amazingly powerful, and often catch me off guard with their intensity. It’s not even a conscious thing, sometimes it’s just the way shadows look from an angle and it’s a sudden transportation to an ideal reality.

    And heck, I’d be first in line to sneak some tech like that.

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