Big Girls

A few nights ago I was talking with @hopier1 about this and that, and he brought to my lofty attention that there is a new comic series beginning this August, titled “Big Girls”, and it’s about giantesses. Not all comic depictions of giantesses are sensible, or even acceptable or entertaining, but this series looks great. Is it enough that it looks great? Indeed not. What sparks my interest in this comic series is that it protrays giantesses that protect, that defend, that fight other colossal beings to the death (at least I suppose the latter is true), and that is something I would do too, at that height.

I’ve only blogged about such things a million times. I’ve had dreams about such things. The comic might as well be about me. It probably is, in some way. Jason Howard, the comic’s creator, happened to voice something similar to what I’ve often felt would be a solution to some of the problems we are facing… anywhere from completing exhausting yard work, all the way to ending war and famine. I’ve also had dreams about saving the world from a horrifying end.

“The heart of the story really came from me sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the size of the world’s problems, it can seem like the only fix is an equally big solution,” Howard says. “Exploring that feeling became the story’s setting, where their problems are literal giant monster men who are destroying the world (science you crazy!). Fortunately they have an equally giant solution, Big Girls who kick monster butt.”

There’s that, but I’m also a giantess at heart, huge in size because of my brain chemistry, so the idea of being colossal and able to deal with impossible problems casually, almost dismissively, calls out to me like a voice from home.

I’m not down with calling the very tall female characters “girls” as the word only conjures up the idea of underage characters instead of capable adults undertaking colossaly serious work. I suppose the two-word title has more bite than big women—which to me sounds like a shocking sequel to “Little Women”—or big ladies, which sounds nice enough to me, but no one asked me. Never mind big females, as it would have been atrocious, as is every Internet use of the word to reference women.


That’s all I have to say. Right now I’m compelled to note that I want to review every issue starting August the 12th, the day I’ll take a few thooming steps to my local comic book store, and I’ll loom over it until it opens, so I can buy the first one. No, I don’t plan to rip open the rooftop. I don’t do that on Wednesdays.

(Yes, I do.)

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