Happy Anniversary, Undersquid!

Twelve years!

But not really. As you know (because you’ve memorized my online activity), a few years ago I went on a long hiatus and during that time I wrote no stories, no poems, nothing. That’s different now. I’m still struggling with my writing, but it’s getting better. I’m drawing nearly every single day, unless I’m ill or tremendously busy. I plan to keep blogging, though not as assiduously as I did in the beginning. But what’s new this year?

My Patreon account

Alright, maybe it’s not new this year… in fact it’s almost a year old, but for months I had no idea what to do with it, or if I’d ever use it at all. As I started increasing my dedication and energy to my drawings, I wondered what would happen if I made some of those drawings exclusive to subscription.

So far that decision hasn’t really been affected by that initial feeling I had a long time ago about making money with my kinky thoughts. I was against it, as I thought it would somehow “polute” them or put a strain on me. No such thing has taken place, but I only post things I like and I don’t accept suggestions (except for that poll about voice work—though I’d already made a decision about it) or commissions unless the person requesting my work has the patience of a saint.

I work on my Patreon drawings and stories constantly. It annoys me a little that tend to be a bit late with my rewards, but… I always catch up, and I’m doing things I love anyway.

My Stats

fcpageviews2020 The number of total visitors to my blog has increased, because how it can do otherwise. FlagCounter indicates it’s gone from 626,697 total pageviews to the amount you see in the image to the left. That sounds about right. It’s a pronounced drop from the total I saw the previous year, but an understandable one.

I wrote 100 posts the year I came back, 87 in 2018, only 48 in 2019, and this year I’m at a record low of 13. My writing definitely suffered, but I’m working to improve that with the greatest of intentions, which pave nothing but the most awesome roads to size heaven which barely reaches my ankles.

The one thing I still look at in my stats is the country of origin of my visitors. Last year there were still forty-eight or so countries that had not yet checked out my blog, which sickens me to the very core (not really). What does make me very sad is that the Pope has not searched for “giantess” or “hug the undersquid” nor has he made his way here. No visitors from the Vatican City yet. Are you as devastated as I am? No?

What are you looking at?

My most read post is The ABCs Game – F is for Farts! That is a huge change from previous years! The good news is that I plan to write more about flatulence and how it plays a role in the life of tiny people and the much taller people that take care of them. There are no bad news.

My most read story is End Day. I can’t deny I’m a bit surprised. It’s not gentle… and now that I look at the blog entry that links to it, I see that I should add some content-warning keywords.

The image people look at the most is still Your Shrunken Life With Me. I like that. I’m very happy with that comic and I’m planning a sequel, but a sort of giantess version.

The search term my visitors use the most is still “hug the undersquid”. The Quirky Award goes to “undersquid read toes” (what does that mean? I suppose it could mean people getting good at reading toe micro-expressions if they want to survive in a world ruled by a giantess/me), and the most peculiar one this year was “ants stepped on barefoot”. No one should bother looking for that here. Ever. The one search term that makes me want to run to my Mac and write a story is this beauty:


Yes. Yes, I do. I giantess mom playing little man long time. Little man not blood relative. Get mind out gutter. Put mind different gutter.

Thank you for your continued readership, and your attention. I may not write dozens of blog entries every year, but I’m still here, and I’m always creating. I want to. I have to. One day someone will discover a way for me to grow myself and/or shrink someone other than myself, and when that happens, I want the world to be prepared for my growth, and the man I’m going to shrink (my toy hopier) to have read every word of instruction he needs in order to survive what I will do to him. With him. Yes, that’s what I mean. With him.

10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Undersquid!

Add yours

  1. Happy “Hug The Undersquid” Blog Anniversary!!

    12 years…man, those went by fast, sheesh! How time
    flies, eh? And that’s not counting the years before you started THIS blog.

    You are indeed an imaginative, creative Tsunami of world and word wizardry! You know I have adored your uniqueness and brilliant talent for quite some time. I wish you and this beautiful gift of yourself you’ve so generously shared with us…an endless journey of ever
    greater altitudes of art, self-expression and the joy of being surrounded by the warmth of community!

    Oh, and the wish for realization of that elusive shrinking formula you simply MUST HAVE! :p

    Keep on rockin it Squiddy!! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much!

      It sure flies. Yeah, this is not my first size blog, but I recycled most of Shrinking Violet’s posts here. I just coasted those first few months of “blogging”.

      You are very kind. Thank you again. I’d like an endless journey with my arts and writing efforts! Or many years of creativity, at the very least.

      Definitely! That is my second strongest wish of all time.

      You got it! I’ll keep blogging for as long as it’s fun. : )


  2. Congrats on your 12 years including a hiatus. Sometimes we need those hiatuses (?) to recharge or just step off the earth for a while. Except the case of the Moody Blues, who took a four year hiatus and and then came back but Mike didn’t want to tour anymore and jumped ship and the resulting sound was like oatmeal. But they did get better, sort of, kinda. Anyway, your artwork, writing and overall entertainment just keep getting better. Way to go, U.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I like the Moody Blues, and I regret not seeing them live that one time I had the chance.

      Thank you for your nice words. The writing and drawing will continue, and so should the general entertainment.

      Liked by 1 person

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