Squidtober 2020


Drawing is therapeutic for me. Calming. One line follows another, and can let go of everything else happening in the world. Ink and paper, or stylus and screen, all tools for positivity, regardless of what actually takes place in the drawing.

As to what takes place, each prompt is size related, with one or two protagonists vigorously involved. It’s likely all drawings will be Gentle in content, but don’t hold me to that. I change my mind often, but I’m not in the mood for Cruel material these days… so maybe there’s nothing there to alter that soft course.

It’s possible there will be some non-con images. Whatever comes to mind to draw is what I’ll draw, and my mind goes where it goes. I plan to post each image on my Twitter account and at DA as well, before they ever make it here in whatever form I deem fitting.

That’s it. Have a happy weekend.

4 thoughts on “Squidtober 2020

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  1. I’m glad to see you make your own prompts after events best not dwelt on. Taking that power is another tool of positivity. It’ll do my heart good to see a steady flow of art from one of my favorite size people. Not only for the quality of your work, but knowing how much it helps you putting pen to paper or stylus to screen.

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  2. Hi U, hope your Squidtober is going well. I can imagine you with a pen in one hand and a pumpkin flavored ale in the other. Can’t wait to see what the month has produced. As for me, sitting with my cat watching chipmunks is therapeutic, but absolutely nothing creative gets done. But that’s okay. Take care. :)

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