Squidtober 2020 — 1 – Character

He has character, indeed.

Slide over here, and give me a moment. You’re one of my kind, and I have things to say. Years ago I left the “size community” and I also stopped writing. This is not news, but what may be new is that I’m going through that same feeling right now, of not writing, of not even drawing, for entirely different reasons. The difference between then and now is that I’m pushing myself through the barrier. I could quit all this, and it would make no difference in the big picture, but nah.

Just nah.

The biggest nah you ever heard.

If I quit, the bad tiny people win.

Instead of quitting, I’m ordering my thoughts, and smirking, because I’m bigger than 2020, and taller than heatbreak, and larger than life.

Moving on.


—Those of you that have sent me feedback for YEARS, I’m sorry to tell you this, but I JUST found the convoluted route on WP to read your comments. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I’m horrified I’ve missed your messages for over a year. Those of you that are familiar with my ways know that I suck royally at responding. I probably always will, because I’m busy with a demanding life. But again, thank you.

—You, down there… yes, you. I want you to focus your thoughts, and repeat to yourself the following words: Shrinking is possible.


Maybe if enough people think it is, it will become so. When it becomes possible, I will unleash myself upon the world, and nothing will stop me from achieving exactly what I want. What do I want, you ask? The answer could not be simpler…

With this post I’m including my first Squidtober drawing, “Character”, and it’s related to that answer. The inspiration come from a place of strength in the most unlikely place imaginable. Some of you think that a tiny person is weak, vulnerable, fragile, and at the mercy of the very tall person that made them tiny, or found them that way. That’s not the case. A tiny person is capable of the greatest deeds. One is depicted in my drawing. A small man, taken from his life and made into a satisfying bit of flesh, learns to write or draw characters that show his keeper the feeling he harbors for her.

Say it. Shrinking is possible.

The image was inspired by a scene in “Away”, where one woman finds a way to express her feelings for anothe woman through the characters I used for my drawing.

Say it. Shrinking is possible.

Imagine a moment when life turns upside down, and the normal day that was expected never ends as imagined, but instead there is a power that takes over, and one life suddenly towers over another. It does it willingly. When the former extends an all-encompassing hand to collect the latter, everything that was truth breaks down.

Say it. Shrinking is possible.

You think you like your freedom. You don’t. Fuck freedom. It’s overrated. A life well lived is a life of service in the well-pounded form you have been given by the one that looms over you.

Say it. Shrinking is possible.

Freedom is an illusion. That feeling of satisfaction you derive from “making choices” is a misfire of your very small brain. Just wait until you are shrunk and put in the service… the unique service that defines you as useful to someone other than your self-centered self… the sexual service that brings peace and joy to someone many times your size. Fuck your freedom. Fuck your choice. That joy, that pleasure, that peace is far more important than the pouting spoutings of one well-chosen little ex-person that becomes a sex toy in the blink of a ray gun.

Say it. Shrinking is possible.


17 thoughts on “Squidtober 2020 — 1 – Character

Add yours

    1. Oh, I’m just an equal fan of growing as I am of shrinking, despite my lack of growth-related posts.

      Please to feel free to think—with matching strength—that growth is possible. The claim I stake in the end is dang right the same. : D

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  1. Glad you are sticking around. Love the art, enjoyed your post. I’d love to yell out that shrinking is possible, but my office mates might look at me strangely. Look forward to your contributions and good fellowship 🚢

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I am too. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the art.

      Well, as long as you’ve say it to yourself. In this case it’s very much the thought that counts.

      Speaking of contributions, one of the things I’m going to get rid of in the future is cauliflower crust for pizza. 😡


  2. Glad to see you’re still with us.

    Shrinking is possible, shrinking is possible, shrinking is possible. I’ll keep saying it, thinking it, until I start to feel myself getting smaller. When my clothes hang loose from me, when they start to overwhelm me I’ll keep saying it. When I slide off my chair I’ll keep saying it as I crawl through the tunnel of my trousers and onto the vast, cold floor. I’ll look around, toy-sized, at my new world and I’ll keep saying it as I get smaller, and smaller, and smaller until I’m a barely visible, barely audible speck all the way down there. And if you ever need the company of a half-inch tall man, I’ll gladly enter your service.

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    1. Thank you for this lovely comment, Balore. I’m still here, and I’m glad your voice is added to many others. Three words, just THREE words exactly as I wrote them, and a very simple but direct message to the universe.


  3. Shrinking is possible! Please don’t disappear. If we leave it’s no big deal. Your departure would be a true loss. Waiting impatiently for my clothes to really not fit the way they used to haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well done. : )

      Thank you for your kind words. I’ve already departed for a while when necessary, and I’ll come back whenever inspiration strikes.

      May your shrinking wish also comes true!


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