Small Change – Sleepworn

This is the best option.

This blog entry was created the 13th of November of last year, and I started writing the accompanying story around that date. Sleeping with my tiny toy trapped in my panties is a much older thought, but the idea for this entry emerged from a meme someone posted on Twitter. I have no interest in memes, but the image struck me as distinctly incomplete. Rather than make a full-size version that includes the other iterations, I just created my own set, the right one, the one I will always choose above all others.

Because tiny people belong in undergarments, trapped, struggling to get comfortable as they sleep a shallow slumber only knowable to those routinely awakened by giant, greedy hands. Then, after they are rubbed, stroked, inserted into much larger spaces until deafening moans mark a pause to their travails, they are returned to that damp space once again. Tucked against flesh too big, too heavy, too hot for them, they try to sleep for as long as they are allowed.

Here are your warnings and triggers (what I call spoilers) for the following story, if you must prepare yourself for what’s to come.


(In true Undersquid form, I’m not publishing this story yet because it’s not finished. But I’m working on it. Right now. Like, NOW. Thank you, vodka.)

(If you are a true follower, you will come back. If you don’t… I know where you live, and I know how mto include you into my carbon footrprint.)

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